Saturday, February 28, 2015


by Mr. Conrad Saldanha

KURLA-MUMBAI, FEBRUARY 27, 2015: At the Social Business Summit – 2015 held at Don Bosco Centre for Learning Campus, Kurla (W), on February 21, the Chief Guest Mr. P.S. Malik, Head - Corporate Sustainability, L&T stated that corporations need to pay more heed to the triple bottom line approach where the Social and Environment aspects are gaining in importance.

He mentioned the necessity of adopting the acronym PACE where P stands for Passion, Passion in the job one does, A for action, always be action oriented, C for Change, being continuously adaptable to change, and E for Empowerment where the individual feels empowered. 

In the panel discussion on "CSR – Successes, Learnings and Possibilities", Ms. Seema Tiwari, Head CSR, Godrej & Boyce, Mr. Sajan Thomas, Sr. General Manager, HR, Magic Bus Foundation, and Ms. Prabha Desai, Director, Sanmitra Trust as members highlighted the issues of collaboration between Corporates and NGOs/SBOs, acknowledging that their competencies are different and that transparency, accountability and professionalism are needed.

In the other panel discussion on "Measuring Sustainability", Mr. Bharat Mani, Consultant Dow Chemicals and Hon. Regional Director, CaSI, CSR and Sustainability Institute, Ms. Simmi Sareen, Risk Head, Grameen Capital, and Mr. Puneet Awasthi VP, IMRB, shared insights into how complex it is to arrive at a composite index even though that is what is needed. One needs to look at every point along the value chain and see how it reflects an ecological and long term sustainability perspective. 

Mr. S.S.Kini, Chief Architect, Sulabh International shared with the gathering the commendable work which is being done by Sulabh International in the area of sanitation and cleanliness. The students of Don Bosco Institute of Management and Research presented their experiences during their exposure to NGOs/SBOs as well as appropriate project proposal ideas.

In the Inter collegiate Competition on the theme 'Create the Mumbai you Want", Sydenham College won the first prize, St. Xavier's Institute of Management and Research, the second prize and MET, the third prize.

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