Monday, March 9, 2015


by  Jeswin Mastan

NASHIK-MAHARASHTRA, MARCH 9, 2015: It was indeed a blessing for the brothers at Divyadaan to have the workshop on Salesian Youth Ministry which was conducted by Fr.'s Ajoy Fernandes and Glenford Lowe Sdb from March 5-7, 2015. Forty seven brothers participated in the workshop.

The three days of the workshop were well planned and had a systematic flow. The book 'Salesian Youth Ministry – Frame of Reference' was summarized and explained in brief. It enabled brothers to look at Youth Ministry from a different perspective.

Ministry experiences, the present situations and the needs of the young were creatively presented to the brothers. The brothers were also made aware of the planning mentality which is very much needed in youth ministry.

Emphasis was laid upon the 4 P's that the youth ministry was based on: they are Professional, Principled, Passionate and Prophetic. Formulation of (EPP) Educational Pastoral Planning, monthly planning, advertising, ground rules, volunteer management, flow chart exercise, documenting and budgeting were the various themes that were dealt with in  the three-day workshop.

Various other innovative activities were held during the workshop. The positive and overwhelming feed backs of the brothers in the concluding session expressed that everyone was appreciative of the programme.

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