Saturday, March 21, 2015


by Fr.Cedrick Sankul

SAVEDI-AHMEDNAGAR, MARCH 21, 2015: The Parish of St. John Bosco Church Savedi, Ahmednagar organized a two day pilgrimage to Uttan and Vasai during the Lenten Season. There were 35 parishioners mostly from the villages who joined this pilgrimage and were accompanied by Fr. Cedrick Sankul. The whole arrangement was done Fr. Manuel Murzello, the rector and the parish priest. The parishioners prayed the Stations of the Cross during the pilgrimage.
On the first day, the pilgrims left for Tabor Ashram, Kalyan at 5.30 a.m. where they prayed the first station. They reached uttan in the afternoon where they had their lunch. Thereafter, they prayed the next six Stations of the Cross reflecting on the pain and suffering that Jesus underwent as he carried his cross. In the evening, they left for Jyoti Mata Church, Virar and spent the night there. The next morning after the
Eucharist they left to participate in the way of the Cross in the different churches of Vasai . Fr. Vishwas Pereira and Bro. Anthony D'Souza made a very good arrangement for their stay and food.

The last Station of the Cross was conducted at the Koliwada Church with a lot of devotion.  The lunch was sponsored by one the parents of the boarders from the Savedi boarding.  At 3:30 p.m. the pilgrims left for Nagar.  On our way back we were almost missed aa fatal road accident in the Malshed Ghat. While the bus was going uphill in the night, the headlights of the bus stopped functioning. But with the help of God and the alertness of the driver the bus missed the valley. After repairing the bus we reached the parish at 1:30 a.m. in the night. 

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