Monday, March 23, 2015


by Ms. Sunita D'Souza

WADALA-MUMBAI, MARCH 23, 2015: The section-wise weekly assemblies came to a close on March 17, 2015, with the final assembly of the primary section. Throughout the year the students and class teachers of St. Joseph's High School, Wadala, wonderfully expressed their love to Don Bosco, the founder of the Salesian Community who transformed the lives of the youth around the world with his love! The section-wise assemblies held during the year were based on Don Bosco's life, celebrating the bicentenary year of Don Bosco's birth.

At the assemblies, different aspects of Don Bosco's personality were portrayed through presentations by each class in turn, on the following themes:

Don Bosco: The Young Apostle (IV-A & X-B) Don Bosco: The Avid Student (IV-B & IX-A)
Don Bosco: The Musician/Artiste (III-A & IX-B) Don Bosco: A Man of Humble Origins (III-B & X-A)
Don Bosco: The Educator of Poor Youth (II A & VIII-B) Don Bosco: The Religious Educator/Catechist (II-B & VI-A)
Don Bosco: The Spiritual Guide (I-A & VI-B) Don Bosco: The Optimistic Priest (I-B & V-A)
Don Bosco: The Magnetic and Reassuring Personality (IV-A & V-B) Don Bosco: The Writer and Publisher (IV-B & VII-A)
Don Bosco: The Tireless Worker (III-A & VII-B) Don Bosco: The Master of All Trades (III-B & VIII-A)
Don Bosco: The Dreamer and Visionary (II-A & VIII-B) Don Bosco: A Man Of God (II-B & V-A)
Don Bosco: The Founder of the SDBs, FMAs and ASC (I-A & V-B) Don Bosco: The Father and Friend of Youth (I-B & VIII-A)

The students of each class, under the guidance of their teachers, presented very creative, informative and captivating programmes depicting the theme assigned to the class. The assemblies showcased the vast pool of talent among the students. The backdrops expressed the theme of each assembly. Well-presented skits brought to life scenes from Don Bosco's times. Dances choreographed by students or parents, powerfully portrayed Don Bosco's personality, with graceful movements depicting the essence of songs based on this lovable saint, or other contemporary English and Hindi songs that brought out the spirit of Don Bosco. 

The choir sang praises of Don Bosco expressing their love for him. Audio-visual presentations brought scenes from Turin, Becchi, Valdocco and other places of Don Bosco's days to life, helping the children situate the themes better. In many class presentations, every student of the class had a significant role to play. Besides this, the students of the secondary section were also shown short clippings of Salesian works from around the world.

Every class presentation at the assembly truly made the presence of Don Bosco come alive once again, giving the students an experience of his love for the youth, his devotion to Mother Mary and his acceptance of God's Will. In the words of St. John Bosco - "Walk with your feet on Earth, but in your heart be in Heaven', may we continue to be 'Like Don Bosco, With the Young, For the Young!'

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