Wednesday, May 27, 2015


by Br. Aegidius Pereira

DAKOR-GUJARAT, MAY 27, 2015"Knowledge is light." Keeping this in mind, an English Camp for children was organized by the Salesians at Don Bosco, Dakor during these summer holidays. 34 children attended the English camp from 27th April to 20th May 2015. The group included children from different parts of  Gujarat like Baroda, Kawant, Anand and from Dakor itself.
As learning English was their biggest priority, every moment of the day was spent in learning English whether it was in class, at personal study, during games or at prayer. The children were kept busy reading and conversing in English, learning grammar, vocabulary and typing. They were given points for their participation and performance in class and other activities. They were also shown inspirational videos and presentations in English so that they could familiarise themselves with the language as well as pick up good values. Besides, there were exciting activities like the Dakor football league, T20 cricket tournament, conquering the fort, animated games, campfire, action songs, Garba dance and a picnic to nearby Galteshwar.The children responded very well and learnt much during the camp. This was evident on the last day when they put up a fabulous program to thank the fathers and brothers for all the dedication, concern and time spent with them. The success of the camp was due to the concerted efforts of Fr. Isaac and his team consisting of Br. Tony, Deacon Ashwin, Br. Aegidius and Graina - a young volunteer from Mumbai. It was a wonderful experience working together and helping the young grow and be better citizens of our nation.

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