Monday, June 8, 2015


by Milton D'Souza & Elvira Pinto


MUMBAI, JUNE 8, 2015: A day-long family retreat, organised by Don Bosco English Prayer Group and the Family Cell  at St. Don Bosco Church, Borivali focused on the sacrament of marriage, prayer and holiness. 

Father Aloysius Furtado, the Parish Priest, inaugurated the retreat by quoting Pope Francis, who had said in 2014, that the secret to a loving and lasting union is to 'treat each other with respect, kindness and gratitude.'


Francis D'Souza, a former national service team member of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal movement, was the main speaker at the retreat.


The first session touched upon the issue of 'holiness'. For couples to grow in holiness, D'souza recommended frequenting the Sacraments and reading the Word of God. The speaker quoted Pope John Paul II: "Give me holy Catholic families and I will give you a Holy Catholic Church."


The second session was on various forms of prayer. D'souza spoke of the importance of personal prayer in building a close relationship with God. The final session focused on marriage. 


With the seeds sown at the retreat, Father Furtado expressed his desire, that the fruits should be seen in every family through prayer, regular attendance at small christian community meetings and participation in church activities. 

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