Tuesday, June 9, 2015


by Philomena Fernandes


KUWAIT, JUNE 9, 2015: Ever wondered why St. Don Bosco was the father-figure for the youth?


Parishioners and parents in particular from St. Therese of Child Jesus Church, Kuwait found the answer, to that very question, after they attended a special seminar entitled "Parenting the Don Bosco Way" on June 6.


Father Francisco Pereira conducted the seminar and made the parents aware of the four-fold needs of a child.  


Father Pereira explained that every child has a Physical need i.e. a need to live, an Emotional need to love, Rational need to learn and a Spiritual need to leave a legacy.  


He explained this phenomenon by quoting Luke 2:52, where Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and found favour with God and men, which basically involved the head, body, soul and heart.  


Parents were asked to ensure that every home provided an atmosphere which facilitates a four-dimensional growth consisting: Wisdom i.e. intellectual learning through school, Stature i.e. physical learning from the playground, favour with God i.e. Spiritual learning from the Church and favour with men i.e. social learning from home.


The seminar also helped parents understand the three basic educational systems i.e. Repressive (through punishment), Preventive (use of heart – through loving kindness) and Expression (where one expresses himself).


Father Pereira explained how Don Bosco used the Preventive method of education. He shared his personal testimony to explain how the Preventive system helps children express themselves.


Those who attended the seminar, lauded Father Pereira for his efforts in helping them to better understand their children. "It was an enriching experience that would make my home a better place and my family life more fruitful,"  said Reema D'souza.


Wilson D'souza, another parishioner added, "I will now make it a point to see that I will be there for my children every moment making them aware of my presence that welcomes, motivates, is personal, based on sound moral values, creative and that would network with people of good will."

Father Blany Pinto, the Parish Priest, was instrumental in organisation the seminar.

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