Friday, July 3, 2015


by BIS Correspondent


MUMBAI, JULY 3, 2015: The Management of Don Bosco High School, Borivli introduced a number of new initiatives to help in the all-round development of students in academics and sports.


The slew of measures included efforts to improve sports performance, by employing better coaches and diet plans.   


Parents, attending the first general body meeting of the academic year, were also informed that the school would maintain medical files of every child till standard ten.


Father Donald Fernandez, the Principal, then advised parents to accept the changes being introduced. He explained that his goal is the safety of the girl child and to make the institution a happy learning place.


He stressed that the Parent Teacher Association members elected, in the course of the day, for the academic year must be available, accountable, responsible and reliable.


Captain Negi, from Profoce, then briefed the parents about the features of a new venture aimed at an improvement in sports performance.


The initiative is aimed at, taking sports to a greater level, employing better coaches, better diet and helping the youth take complete control of their careers.


Father William Falcao, the Rector, then spoke about the school policies, which is for holistic formation, with Christian values and an education that is child-centric. He also asked parents to be in touch with the school, to communicate with their child, to speak in English and approach the authorities through proper channels.


Pravin, Vice President of PPA, invited alumni for the re-union on July 18.

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