Wednesday, July 8, 2015


by BIS correspondent


PUNE-MUMBAI, JULY 8, 2015: The Feast of Saint Dominic Savio served a perfect backdrop for young leaders to be empowered, at the investiture ceremony, at Don Bosco High School, Yerwada and Borivli on July 6.


In Yerwada, the solemn festive Eucharist for the Catholic students was held at the onset and Father Briston, the main celebrant, spoke to students about the virtues of the young saint.


He used Saint Dominic Savio's motto of, 'Death rather than sin' to highlight the importance of personal sanctity and asked the youth to do little things in an extraordinary manner, like Saint Savio.


The Investiture ceremony, for the Secondary Section Student council, was held after mass and it began with the Management being escorted by a Guard of Honor.


Students were told about the 'Leader's wheel'. The leadership concept essentially stresses that effective leadership requires balance and the intuition to recognise which set of actions will be the most successful in any given situation.


Essentially, when the hub-spoke-rim wheel relationship is properly tensioned the wheel acts as one unit.


Father Anton, the Manager, administered the Oath of Office to the various Captains and Father Bosco D'mello, the Principal, did the same to the Monitors.


Father William Falcao, Rector of Don Bosco High School in Borivli, inspired the young leaders with a touching speech on leadership.


It was a moment of pride and humility for the students – of both institutions - as they took on the added responsibility with accountability and above all made a pledge of making a difference with their leadership.

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