Tuesday, August 4, 2015


by BIS Correspondent 



BHINGAR, AUGUST 4, 2015: If you believe that friendship requests on social networking portals are the most popular way to make friends, you're mistaken.


Ninty-five youth from three parishes- Saint John's church, Bhingar, Saint Anne's church and Saint John Bosco, Savadi- made friends the old fashion way, as they met  to celebrate Friendship day on August 2.


The programme began with the Holy Eucharist being celebrated. Father James Tuscano, the youth coordinator of the region of Ahmednagar, was the main celebrant.


During his homily he spoke about friendship and the eccentricities of today's instant, fast- forward and quick evolving friendships based on Facebook, Twitter and Watsapp.


The youth exchanged friendship bands and were treated to a series of games organised by Cl. Vishal and Cl. Ranson, the youth animators.


The fun-filled event was organised at  Saint John's church, Bhingar under the guidance of Father Nelson Falcao and Father Bento.


Cl. Ranson summed up the event with the words, "Truly God gives us life, the parish gives us a home, our school gives us schooling, our college gives us a graduation and in the midst of all these our friends make our world go around. None of those present would doubt this fact. This was the first of the many gatherings of the youth yet to come."

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