Tuesday, August 4, 2015


by Brother Berdouil 


NASHIK, AUGUST 4, 2015: The community of Divyadaan, Nashik staged a musical play titled 'The Promised Land' on August 1 and 2. It tells the story of the Book of Exodus - with Moses as the central figure - where God frees the Israelites from Egyptian captivity, gives them the Law on Mount Sinai and leads them to the Promised Land.


Day 1 and 2 of the musical rendition of the Exodus story drew large crowds. Staff and students from various institutions, religious formation houses, schools and parishes in Nashik  came to watch the play. 


The zestful enactment in song and dance, well-designed sets and high quality light and sound brought the story from the holy Bible to life. 


The staff and students of Divyadaan were the hands and minds behind the production of this musical fiesta, guided by the directors - Father Wyman Gonsalves and Cl. Bosco Carvalho


"Run, jump, play and make merry but be mindful of not committing sin," said Don Bosco. Coming to the close of the birth bicentenary of this great Saint, it was the perfect event to bring people together, to reflect on God's call for each one, as He leads us to the Promised Land.

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