Monday, August 24, 2015


by  Rohan D'souza


MUMBAI, AUGUST 24, 2015: Father Elias Dias, known in literary circles for his quality writing, released two new books, entitled 'Story of the Holy Shroud of Turin' and 'Viva Don Bosco'.

The publication on the Holy Shroud was released on August 20, for practical trainees of the Mumbai Province at a ceremony in the Mumbai Provincial house in Matunga.


Father Savio Silvera, Vice Provincial of the province introduced the author to the gathering and lauded him for his efforts in inspiring people through his books, despite his age.   


'We are called to be contributors,' Father Savio said, 'And we are called to be contributors to the world, to the church and to Society.'


Father Ajoy Fernandes, Director Prafulta and Research Centre then handed a copy of the book to Father Dias.


'My books have been released amidst dignitaries but you are more important to me and that's why this release amidst you is more important," Father Dias said, while explaining why he choose to release the book to trainees, as opposed to a larger audience.


Father Elias encouraged and urged the young Salesians to continue their work for the congregation and urged them to put their best efforts in everything that they did. He handed to each of the 19 practical trainees a copy of the two books.


Viva Don Bosco, Father Dias' second publication, was released on August 16. 500 copies of the books have been printed.


Father Ajoy appreciated Father Elias' remarkable enthusiasm, "Let us hope and pray that we all have the same zealous energy till the end," he said.

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