Friday, August 28, 2015


by Clarissa Leitao


MUMBAI, AUGUST 28, 2015: An English elocution competition held at Don Bosco Junior College, Borivali on August 27 helped students focus on manners, good health and the importance of protecting the environment.


The students spoke well and with lots of confidence on topics such as Don Bosco – a Saint of our times, Health is Wealth, India Shining and Manners, which are an important attribute of life.


Students brought out Don Bosco for today's youth beautifully. They stressed on the importance of simple things like manners in everyday life.


Topics on the importance of health, exercise and a balanced diet made the audience aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  


India shining, another issue brought out the positive qualities and the achievements of our Mother India.


The messages in the competition helped the audience reflect on the importance of virtues.


Lynette and Hemanti, both experienced teachers, were the judges.

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