Wednesday, September 2, 2015


by BIS Correspondent


NAVI MUMBAI, SEP 1, 2015 : The Masterminds International workshop, which combines various techniques to help accelerate mental growth and leads to a more holistic living, was held at Don Bosco Senior   Secondary School, Nerul over August 27, 28.


The workshop was conducted by D P Mahesha, the founder director of Masterminds International. It was co-ordinated by Father Anthony Fonseca and Father Joaquim Fernandes.


The workshop began with breathing exercises followed by the explanation of the four main 'brain states' namely, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta.


Mahesha discussed the original seven intelligences. Several relaxation techniques were shown which could help the teachers in releasing their stress and concentrate better.


Mahesha further spoke about Super Memory, Master Mind Map, Concentration and Speed Reading.


He also advised to take a music bath once or twice a week for a few seasons. During the workshop, Father Joaquim shared four videos related to soil, forest, ocean and earth conveying the message that 'nature does not need people, people need nature'.


Mahesha completed the session with various exercises, to help teachers increase their concentration, through continuous connected breathing.


He also showed a video of Anita Moorjani who fought cancer and did not give up. She is now living a normal life and serves as an inspiration to many.


The workshop concluded with the vote of thanks. The Mastermind International workshop was well planned and highly motivating, which will help the teachers boost their brain power, increase their productivity creatively as well as their mental fitness. 

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