Thursday, September 3, 2015


by Clarissa Leitao


MUMBAI, SEP 3, 2015: Students of the Don Bosco Junior College, Borivli tackled a host of subjects – ranging from maths, sports, science and geography – in their annual quiz competition held on September 2.


The competition was held in two different categories, namely General Knowledge and Maths.


The General Knowledge quiz was meticulously prepared on a wide range of topics like sports, science and geography. 


The maths quiz too was enjoyable as the students had to deal with many tricky questions. The morning was characterised by lot of smiles and enthusiasm among the students.  It was truly an event wherein all students participated and enjoyed themselves.


Studies suggest that Quizzing has several advantages. Practicing retrieval of something after learning it, for instance by taking a quiz, makes you more likely to retain it for the long term. 

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