Wednesday, September 9, 2015


by BIS Correspondent


MUMBAI, SEP 9, 2015: Five engineering students from the Don Bosco Institute of Technology did the institute proud as they won top honours at the state level Biomedical Research event organised by B J Govt Medical College  & Sassoon General Hospital, Pune on September 4.


Vaibav Goradia, Shubham Shah, Nitin Unnithan, Chekara Mohammad Riyaz and Akhil Varghese developed a unique Multiangle Lithotomy Positioner.


The students had to develop a Positioner that was affordable, safe to use and easy to maintain.  


"It was a daunting task as we had just ten days to understand the difficulties faced by patients and doctors, come up with a solution and fine tune it to perfection," Varghese said.


"The doctors gave us good insights into the difficulties faced by mothers at the time of delivery as well as the inconveniences encountered by the doctors in facilitating a successful and safe delivery. We also watched several videos and studied the pressure points of the human anatomy and even measured our femur bones," Unnithan added.  


The students required to take into account a number of factors before designing the product. These included the analysis of load bearing deflection, stress and the use of appropriate material to ensure safety.


"Much of our engineering studies in modeling and analysis helped us," Shah said.

The students also got assistance in filing for a patent and in making a prototype.  


Students from the Mechanical department came third in the same competition for developing Dental Periodental Disease Detection and Treatment system to help in early detection and prevention of dental disease.


Madhumita Chatterjee, Sharon Shaji Koshy and Ansari Tanveer developed a software that would read digital X-rays of teeth, detect cavities or other diseases accurately, validate it and mark it for further action.

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