Wednesday, September 16, 2015


by Susan D'costa


KUWAIT, SEP 16, 2015: Fifteen enthusiastic couples from the Cherubs team of the Family Ministry of St Thérèse Parish in the North Arabian Vicariate, organised a couples programme themed on the Languages of Love on September 10.


The couples, who attended, ranged from newly-weds to those married  for 36 years.


The programme began with an enrichment session based on Gary Chapman's "The Five Love Languages" conducted by Amira Peter.


Each partner completed a survey to identify their primary language of love and then shared their results with each other. By discovering their partner's language of love each spouse was now equipped with an effective love language to help bridge their differences and enrich their marriage.


This enriching session was followed by a lively fellowship of innovative games, spot prizes and plenty of dancing. The lively music provided by Cherub Shaun Rebello kept the couples on their feet while MC Donna did a stellar job of keeping them all engaged and excited with the active games.


The parents could enjoy this quality time together thanks to a special programme organised for their children which included animated films, bible bingo and other creative games led by Cherubs, Chrisma Pereira and Raymond Rego.


At the end of the programme couples thanked the Cherubs profusely expressing strong appreciation for the Cherubs and the Parish for taking the trouble to arrange such an enjoyable evening for them.


"Everything was so encouraging. We had forgotten about being a couple in our busy schedules around work, home and children. We hardly have any time for each other. This couples programme gave us a chance to get close and enjoy to the fullest," Mazina said.

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