Thursday, September 17, 2015


by Ashwini Gupte


MUMBAI, SEP 17, 2015: Students and staff of Don Bosco High School, Matunga celebrated 'Hindi Divas' on September 14, by enacting plays that highlighted several historical and cultural events in India.


The Hindi Department of the school staged the one-act plays through the four houses of the school, i.e Yellow, Green, Blue and Red.    


The Yellow House focused on the aftermath of the war at Kalinga, an epochal event that led Emperor Ashoka to convert to pacifism. The war helped transform him and made him a messenger of love and peace throughout the country and beyond.


'Main bhi maanav hoon' by Vishnu Prabhakar, depicted the inner battle waged within Ashoka's heart, as to whether he had really achieved a victory after decimating the enemy. In a world rife with selfishness and cut throat competition, the play also intended to make each of us reflect on whether the race is really worth it.


The Green House highlighted the events in the life of Emperor Harsha, scion of the Vardhan dynasty. 'Sthaneshwar ka Rajpurush' depicted Harsha avenging the death of his brother, Rajya Vardhan and saving his sister Rajyasri's life after she was devastated as a result of both, her brother and her father, Prabhakar Vardhan's death.


The Blue House with 'Mere sapno ki Rani kab ayegi tu' portrayed women's empowerment and the great strides women have made in emancipating themselves through the powerful weapon of education. The play depicted a bachelor who is rejected by prospective alliances because they are better educated.


The Red House presented their play 'Jeevan ke rang'. It helped the audience reflect on the realities and challenges of life. Through scenes that reflected human life on earth, the audience was made aware that though we live in a world full of sorrow, mirth, greed and blind faith, we still manage to stay happy.


Kudos to yellow house, that won the drama competition.

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