Wednesday, October 7, 2015


by BIS Correspondent

MUMBAI, OCT 7, 2015: Students of Don Bosco High School, Matunga have completed their research activity on 'Our Local Fauna' and 'Supervision of Solar Energy.'

Both projects, completed by class eight students, were done under the guidance of teacher Anita Philip. 

Group one, comprising of Harsh Sawant, Siddharth Gupta, Aayush Matkari, Ethan Sequeira and Kshitij Pawar worked on the topic Our Local Fauna. 

The team studied, if the local fauna favours exotic trees over native trees. They chose Cannonball, Rain tree, Gulmohar and Ashoka trees from the exotic category for observation and Tamarind, Umber and Mango trees from the native category.

Their main objectives were to find: trees preferred by local fauna as habitat, niche habitat of local fauna around the tree and impact of weather change on habitat preference by fauna.

Kaustubh and Macson from GreenLine were their resource persons. 

Varun Shenoy, Atharva Chirmade, Aryan Chopra, Nirnay Korde and Gautam Oberoi of group two, worked on the topic, 'Supervision of Solar Energy.' 

The team worked on the various factors that could cut green house gas emissions, to bring about a positive impact on our climate.

Their main objectives were: setting an example of their school as a 'Green' school and encouraging the neighbourhood schools and colleges to become potential contributors in reducing G.H.G.'s, by studying their power bills.

A gradual but steady shift from thermal energy to solar energy, with proper planning, could also help in improving the quality of human life, the environment and the economic growth of the country, especially the rural areas.

The resource person of group two was Doctor Dhanaji Kale.

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