Monday, November 23, 2015


by Brother Clarence 



UTTAN, NOV 23, 2015: Twenty Clerics and Brothers from the Mumbai Province, accompanied by Father Glenford Lowe, took part in the Practical Trainees course held at Boscowadi, Uttan from November 18 – 20.  

The course began with a sumptuous breakfast, followed by a time of fellowship.  The clerics bonded over conversations, swimming and delicious lunch. Some spent the afternoon relaxing, others exploring the Uttan area and visiting companions. 

The team grouped together in the evening for the Lectio Divina and the Holy Eucharist, animated by Father Lowe. The moments of reflection and sharing of the Word of God was an opportune time to seek divine intervention. A well animated and meaningful Eucharistic celebration followed. The movie 'The Railway Man' was a window to the Year of Mercy and reiterated the need to be reconcilers of peace.


Day two of the course began with a time for personal meditation and morning prayer, along the peaceful shores and rocky settings of the Uttan landscape. Father Lowe then conducted a session on 'Salesian Youth Ministry – Frame of Reference'. He enlightened the young Salesians about the journey of the Youth Ministry over the last four decades and the interventions from the 22nd – 27th General Chapters. This was followed by a time of reflection and sharing of the issues discussed.


Raymond D'souza, an entrepreneurial motivator, then challenged the group on 'How to know one's passion and put it to the best use to gain success.' It was a very practical session. He was accompanied by Father Crispino D'Souza, who evaluated the 'Discipline Policy' that each practical trainee was to take up in their respective houses. 


Father D'Souza celebrated the Holy Eucharist and touched upon the theme of violence and peace. The afternoon session was conducted by Father Lowe, where he invited the practical trainees to share their experiences. Using the method of the 'Rose-Thorn-Bud' as the parameters, the young Salesians shared their personal experiences on a very deep and honest level. 

After a refreshing cup of tea, the brothers enjoyed a healthy game of football by the seashore. Late evening, they gathered together for a moment of prayer. Dinner and the Holy Rosary followed, and the brothers then proceeded to enjoy the camp-fire and barbecue, they had organised. Thanks to the generosity of their parents, they enjoyed some tasty chicken and fresh fish.  They then sang the night away, under the starry sky, making it a trip to remember.


The final day of the course began with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist  around the beautiful grotto of Boscowadi. Father Lowe shared his reflection on the Strenna of the Rector Major for 2016. After breakfast, the Uttan brothers organised a boat ride from Uttan to one of the islands. This provided a perfect setting for reflection and more bonding. 


Post lunch, the brothers and Father Lowe evaluated the course. It received a positive response from all the participants. They wee particularly pleased with the abundant time of fellowship and sharing that the course provided. Many called it a 'never-like-before' practical trainee course.


The young Salesians left Boscowadi with renewed energy to go into the second half of their practical training and a heart full of gratitude towards the organisers and staff of Boscowadi.

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