Tuesday, December 8, 2015


by Rickolenn Zico Fernandes & Aaron D'souza


KUWAIT, DEC 8, 2015: With Christmas around the corner, the youth group of St Therese parish in Kuwait also called SPY, conducted an Advent night adoration for the parish youth, guided by Father Lionel Braganza. 


After a brief welcome, the participants were divided into groups. Each group selected their name, a theme-action song and then actively participated in bible-based activities such as treasure hunt, jigsaw puzzles and riddles. 


Praise and Worship was followed by a 'live rosary' and an inspirational enactment of each mystery. "All the activities co-related to what happened 2000 years ago, with our lives today. They illustrated how the humble birth of Jesus could transform our lives," said Ryan one of the main organisers.


Based on the presentation of Father Glenford Lowe, Father Braganza explained the real meaning of Christmas, 'Christ centered, Holy, Repent & respond, Invite, Sacred Silence, Touch to transform, Miracles of metaphors, Anchor of Acceptance and Sailorship.' He ended with the beautiful message that Christmas is always 'a road under construction'.


A Holy hour of adoration in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament was followed by the Sacrament of Confession, that gave the laity an opportunity to adore, reflect, repent and make resolutions. Father Braganza, Father Blany Pinto, Father Joy Marangattikala, Father Xavier Dsouza, director of the youth in Kuwait, then con-celebrated Holy mass.


At the end of the special vigil, Allwyn D'souza and Theresa D'souza, a couple from the Salmiya Parish testified how the daily rosary, daily personal prayer and true devotion to the Divine Mercy had saved them from harm and death when their apartment caught fire. Their testimony reminded all that the Lord is merciful and loves all who keep His Word.


"What an amazing fellowship! It got us involved in various activities which not only increased our knowledge but tested our faith too," Judilia, who was present at the event, said.


Father Braganza ended the event by saying, "Your daily life is nothing but an expression of your spiritual condition. Prepare for the coming of Christ through penance and reconciliation while spreading the Word of God. By refocusing from a materialistic life to one dedicated to God through service and prayer,  we can all make it to the gates of heaven."

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