Thursday, December 17, 2015


by Agnorra Aranjo


MUMBAI, DEC 16, 2015: Father Robert Simon, South Asia Delegate of the Youth Ministry and Father Godfrey D'Souza, Salesian Provincial of Mumbai met 70 Salesian youth from Baroda, Nashik, Pune, Lonavla and Salesian regions to emphasise on the importance of youth leadership at Don Bosco Provincial House on December 13.


Father Glenford Lowe first welcomed the participants and explained the purpose of the meet. Father Simon then addressed the gathering about the Salesian Youth Movement. Father D'Souza, on his part, emphasised on the need for youth to take active leadership and responsibility in the Church.


The youth who had participated in the International Bosco Bicentenary celebrations at Turin, in August 2015 and the National Youth Expo at Delhi, in September 2015, then shared their experiences with the others.

Father Simon stressed on the importance of such youth meetings and said that it enables interaction between like-minded people, and helps to develop skills, assume leadership and responsibility. He added that the youth need to participate, mature and grow to eventually become leaders and animators of other youth.


Father Lowe concluded the meeting and invited the youngsters to take the Salesian Youth Movement into their parishes, colleges and other places, so that many other youth may become a part of the movement, which is a legacy of Don Bosco himself.

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