Tuesday, January 26, 2016


by Felix Joseph 


NASHIK, JAN 25, 2014: The Master of Philosophy (MPh) students of Divyadaan, Nashik organised the annual philosophical symposium entitled 'Philosophizing the Human Body: An Evolutionary Understanding' on January 16 to help answer important questions on humanity.


The symposium began at 2.00 p.m. with a short prayer service and was followed by the introduction of the topic and speakers by Cl Nithiyan Gnanasekar. The first speaker, Brother Jose Alunkal elucidated the understanding of the human person in the ancient and medieval world; and highlighted the views of philosophers such as Plato, Aristotle, Augustine and Thomas Aquinas. He spoke about the dualism of body and soul.


The next speaker, Cl Ravi Kotte spoke about the concept of human body according to Rene Descartes and Spinoza, representing the thought of the modern period. He presented the dualistic understanding of the human person in Rene Descartes and the monistic understanding of Spinoza. 

Then Cl Felix Joseph, highlighted the day-to-day problems and challenges that affect the human body in the light of the contemporary perspective. He explained the various malpractices and manipulations done to human beings through science, technology and the media. His presentation centred around three violations done to human beings, namely- Objectification, Commodification and Reification.


After the presentations, the forum was open to the audience for questions. Clarifications were sought on important issues such as body-soul union, mind, spirit and life.

 The organisers- the MPh - students were assisted by Father Felix Fernandes, as well as the other staff members. The participants consisted of the staff and students of Divyadaan, other Religious from the vicinity, as well as the SDB and FMA novices.

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