Tuesday, February 2, 2016


by Ashley Noronha


NASHIK, FEB 1, 2016: A month-long celebration dedicated to Don Bosco entitled 'Faithfully Walking in Don Bosco's way' was held at the Salesian Training Institute (Novitiate) in Nashik from January 4 to 31.


The community conducted various activities like sermonette's, quizzes, letters to missionaries, letters to Don Bosco, Don Bosco night, movie on the great saint and other activities. The community joined the parish community in the Novena that started on January 22. It also put up a band piece for the Don Bosco Academy held on January 30 in the Parish hall.


The culmination of the month was the feast of Don Bosco on January 31. The novices prepared the notice boards and animated the morning prayers. A short documentary film was shown, followed by games. In the afternoon, the Don Bosco lotto was held for the community. The Holy Eucharistic celebration took place at 6.30 p.m and it was presided over by Bishop Lourdes Daniel of the Nashik Diocese.


Even though the month of Don Bosco has come to an end, the dream of the Saint of the Young still lives on. The community will continue to live according to the theme 'Faithfully Walking in Don Bosco's Way'.

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