Wednesday, February 10, 2016


by Neil Fernandes


NERUR, FEB 10, 2016: The parishioners of Christ the King Church, Nerur shared their time and love with the differently abled children of Jeevdan- a house dedicated to grooming young Autistic children, on February 7.


The house is run by priests and nuns belonging to the congregation of Missionaries of St Thomas and Missionary Sisters of St Joseph. The parishioners, along with Father Brian Moras, left for Nerur in the morning by bus. After a short drive, they reached Jeevdan. The nuns and children welcomed them on their arrival.


The joy on the children's faces taught the parishioners that no matter what problems they have in life, they should not be sad, but instead be happy for the good times the Lord has given them. 


A volunteer explained to the parishioners about the working of the house and the daily timetable. This was then illustrated through a video.


The special children then staged two dances for the parishioners. The pre-novices who visit Jeevdan, for their Sunday apostolate, were instrumental in teaching the children the dances. Later the parish youth and children staged two action songs. The children of Nerur, then gave the children of the home, gifts.


Post lunch, the parishioners were taken on a tour of the home, which also has a farm and a cow shed on the property. The visitors then held some games for the special children. The parish children, Father Moras and the special children enthralled themselves with a game of cricket and kabaddi too. 


Following the games, everyone moved to the hall for a short interaction session. The children answered all the questions posed by the parishioners. 


When it was time to leave, it was touching to see the special children holding on to the parishioners and hugging them. Many were moved to tears. It was a very fruitful experience for all the visitors.

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