Monday, February 22, 2016


by Susan D'costa 


KUWAIT, FEB 22, 2016: A two-day seminar was arranged for the Salesian Cooperators of Kuwait on February 16 and 17, led by Father Glenford Lowe, Rector of Don Bosco House, Mumbai and a Provincial Council Member.  The main focus of the seminar was on the completeness and meaningfulness of the vocation of a Salesian Cooperator and their role with the youth.


"To be a Salesian Cooperator is the individual and specific call of God, for a lay person, but the choice is ours," said Father Lowe. He went on to say, " Don Bosco was a dreamer, and we as Salesian Cooperators have to make his dream come true."


 He then shed light on the 4 pillars of every Don Bosco institute namely, a home that nurtures (Body), a school that educates (Wisdom), a church that evangelizes (Soul) and a playground with spirituality (Heart). 


Salesian Cooperators need to be attached to the Don Bosco mission with a key focus on the youth. To be a 'Salesian Cooperator' implies being youth-friendly and interested in the world of the young. 


Through interactive activities, Father Lowe helped the Cooperators present, understand their own strengths, goals and ambitions and how to apply that process of learning with the youth.


"In a simple way Father Lowe revived our goals and mission as a Salesian Cooperator and brought back the zeal of how much more needs to be done for the youth in the parish," said Melissa Fernandes. 


Francis Sam added, "The talk by Father Lowe spelt very clearly and simply the spirit and heart of the Salesians. It has made us more committed to Don Bosco and his mission."

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