Tuesday, February 23, 2016


by BIS Correspondent


MUMBAI, FEB 23, 2016: On February 20, the Western Region Conference of Religious India (CRI) organised a seminar on "Compliance and Governance in an Accountability-Driven Environment" at Don Bosco International School, Matunga. The participants were 30 religious in-charge of administration and finances in their respective congregations. 


Guilherme Vaz, the resource person and consultor for the Bombay Archdiocese and other Church organisations, informed the participants that Pope Francis is concerned that religious institutions could "run the risk of losing their true identity" by engaging in modern economic activity. 


He explained the sophisticated and integrated finance control system which is already in place in India through technology, software and mechanisms for action, and which are aimed at voluntary compliance and financial accountability. 


This accountability environment is well in keeping with Pope Francis' insistence on better governance, transparency and accountability. Religious congregations need to seriously take into account the changing environment and its implications, in order to put in place stable, transparent and responsible mechanisms of accountability and governance.


The participants were encouraged to be aware of the sweeping changes occurring in financial control, and to promote transparency, accountability and compliance with existing norms. This attitude can enable the religious to walk according to the values of the Gospel and will provide coherence and credibility to their mission and life.

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