Wednesday, February 24, 2016


by Dwayne Gonsalves, Kenn D'souza and Shannon Dias


MUMBAI, FEB 24, 2016: A scout camp was organised on February 20, by the scout masters Mark Pereira and Nelson Rais in Don Bosco High School, Borivli for the students of standards eight and nine, to prepare for The Thinking Day. 


The Thinking day was held in order to commemorate the birthday of the founder of scouting, Lord Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden Powell. The camp on day one, began with the flag break which included the scout flag song and the scout prayer song. 


Thereafter, the standard nine boys began pitching their tents to set up the camp. In less than two hours, six tents including the master's tent was set up on the school ground. 


Simultaneously, the standard eight boys collected rocks, leaves and other natural articles to decorate their tents. The class nine boys then began their pioneering activities which included the tying of miniature or massive gadgets. 


Sixteen boys from standard nine were chosen to set up the massive gadgets. They were assigned the task to build a bridge and a watch tower. The rest of the boys were involved in making miniature day- to- day gadgets. 


Meanwhile the class eight boys were setting up woodcraft gadgets. After around three hours of hard work put into the assignment, the scouts almost completed their gadgets and then proceeded for lunch. 


Post lunch, the standard eight boys went for a lecture on first aid, knots, compass and estimation. The scouts of class nine worked rigorously to complete their games and gadgets. Upon its completion, the students gathered around the flag and were invested. They then prepared the ground for The Thinking Day. 


On day two, the entire school celebrated Thinking Day. It was inaugurated by B R Shah, recipient of the Silver Elephant award - the highest award in scouting. Students from classes five to nine celebrated the Thinking Day. 


The students played games set up by the scout boys, some went for the colouring competition while other played housie based on the history of scouting. Then the students of class nine, displayed their pioneering projects to Shah. It was an informative event for the all the students about the scout movement.

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