Friday, February 26, 2016


by Diona D'souza


KUWAIT, FEB 25, 2016: The vibrant youth group of Saint Therese Parish was in for a grand surprise on February 20. Over 50 youth gathered in the hall where Father Glenford Lowe, the rector of Don Bosco Provincial House, Mumbai and the priest incharge of the youth ministry, joined their meeting.

During the meeting, Father Lowe shared his life experiences deeply rooted in and driven by faith. He explained the characteristics of a Salesian youth group and the features which differentiate it from youth groups in other parishes. 


His question, 'What brings us here?' made the youth think about their attraction to the fortnightly meetings. They listened and had a stimulating discussion expressing their frank opinions, fears and challenges. "I was inspired by the message of Father Glen, 'Live your life not just by doing the right thing but by loving," said Lianne Crasto. 

Father Lowe also spoke about the values of being joyful, caring for one's self, being in union with the Church, being involved in spiritual and social activities and doing ordinary things in an extraordinary way. "The Christ-centred approach and his journey with the youth was very inspiring," said Johann Menezes.


"Listening to Father Lowe and his ideas on how we can be a better youth group was very insightful and will help us be more effective," said Madonna David. "Father ended his talk with a great example about giving, leaving us with a new vision – God gives us a mission bigger than ourselves!" 


The youth expressed their gratitude to Father Lowe for enlightening them on the distinctive features of a Salesian youth group. Each member, inspired by the ideals of Don Bosco, is enthused and has pledged to serve Christ and the Church.

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