Tuesday, March 1, 2016


by Giftson Malya


PINGULI, MAR 1, 2016: Father Elias Dias conducted the Salesiana course for pre-novices on  February 23 at Pinguli, to help them understand Don Bosco at a deeper level and thus make an informed choice when opting for the Salesian way of life.


Father Dias began the course by giving them a brief historical sketch of Don Bosco based on his own book 'A Legacy of Love for the Young'. The pre-novices received a book each for their collection. He then shared with them the pedagogical method used by the Educator-Saint.


In the later part of the course, he enlightened them about the simple yet profound spirituality that Don Bosco left the church and the Salesians. He enlightened them about the historical facts right from Don Bosco's birth to his canonization.


Father Dias's vibrant and active style kept the pre-novices interested all through the three-day sessions. There were relevant movies screened each evening which added to the beauty of the course and enhanced the learning experience.


Father Dias, a highly acclaimed Salesian author in literary circles, has penned seven books on the life and works for Don Bosco. His immense knowledge on the history of the congregation, is a treasure for the pre-novices and the Salesian congregation.

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