Wednesday, April 27, 2016


by Hudson Fernandes


KUWAIT, APR 27, 2016: St. Therese of Child Jesus Church, Kuwait, organised a professional 'Master of Ceremonies (emcee or MC)' training programme for almost 20 parishioners over three days in April. 

The programme is the vision of parish priest, Father Blany Pinto. "In an ever- changing and fast paced world, training and development is an indispensable part of promoting growth. The aim behind this was bring out the best in the parishioners, to acquire new skills and sharpen existing skills, " said Father Pinto.


Christopher Pereira of the parish was assigned to lead the training program along with two MC's, Lloyd D'Souza and Hudson Fernandes, who have been anchoring for decades at all community events and also for corporates. The participants learnt first- hand from  the professionals.


Preparation and Practice (P&P) was always emphasised during the programme. One exercise involved participants introducing themselves at the beginning of the programme and then, once again after two hours, when they had absorbed all that was taught. The results were remarkable. In addition to being a professional emcee, the participants were also trained to manage on-site crisis and to work with third party event planners. 

MC D'Souza and MC Fernandes shared their experiences and other areas of event management that can have an impact on the performance of emcees. Pereira reiterated to all in attendance to keep practicing and upgrading themselves, through parish events and by taking up leading roles within the community. 

"A big thanks to Lloyd, Chris and Hudson as it was a great training program for our development and now we will be able to serve our parish in a more effective way," expressed a participant, Mildred Amara.


On the final day, all participants presented their own event scenarios with the curriculum provided and were evaluated on their performances. Various key techniques were rated including challenging moments, time management and engaging the audience. 


All participants scored beyond expectations and are ready to take on emceeing activities in the parish. Certificates were issued to all. Lucy Pereira, a trainee said, "We had a wonderful time and the immense knowledge shared has benefited us all."

Saturday, April 23, 2016


by Sebastian Francis


WALVANDA, APR 23, 2016: Bosco Samajik Vikas Sanstha (BSVS) mobilised 76 high school students from various villages and schools from Jawhar and Mokhada for a fifteen-day residential english and mathematics camp in Walvanda. 


Father Anaclete D'Mello inaugurated the camp on April 21. Sebastian Francis is the camp coordinator. Students will be taught basic mathematics and spoken english in this camp. 


Life skill modules, simulation exercises and recreational activities are also planned to make the camp more interesting and meaningful for the students. 


Seva Nadge and Deepak Gavli - BSVS staff - put in their sweat and toil, to mobilise students for the camp. Sakaram Dandekar, a mathematics teacher from a nearby high school has been roped in to teach the students. 


Sebastian Francis developed the camp schedule after detailed discussions with Brother Alex Gonsalves, Father Ashley Miranda and Father Anaclete D'Mello.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


by Veena Sharma


MUMBAI, APR 20, 2016: As part of the ongoing study on children of migrant construction workers, a four day training workshop was organised, for teams from Delhi, Ahmedabad and Mumbai by Don Bosco Research Centre (DBRC), Mumbai from April 5 to 8.


The participants were briefed on what the study was about, what it involved and how it was to be conducted in their respective cities. During the course of the training workshop, participants were told about their roles and the methodology of the study.


After a welcome note by the DBRC CEO, Dakshayani Madangopal and introduction of the participants, Dr Susan Mathew— welcomed the resource person, Professor Anil Kumar of TISS from School of Health Systems Study.


Professor Kumar discussed the 'Household interview schedule' with the participants. This was followed by queries and mock interviews.  The interview schedule for children below nine years was discussed in the post-lunch session.


This was again followed by a practice session of mock interviews. The participants were actively involved and discussed various queries pertaining to their cities. For children between 10-18 years, the interview schedule was discussed on the second day by Professor RR Bhagat of the International Institute of Population Sciences (IIPS).


He highlighted the intricacies of interpreting and documenting the responses of the subjects. This too was followed by queries and mock sessions. Dr Nilesh Gawde of the Tata institute of Social Sciences demonstrated the use of Anthropometric instruments. He demonstrated the use of a Stadiometer for measuring heights, the Infantometer for heights of infants and the weighing scale. He meticulously explained the steps involved and precautions to be taken in the use of each instrument.


'Sampling' was the topic for the next session and Professor Kumar discussed, identifying and listing of construction sites, inclusion-exclusion criteria, making sampling frame and final sample selection procedures.


Hemalatha Anil Kumar of DBRC in her session talked of ethical constraints and standard operating procedures during the conduct of the study. On the penultimate day, the participants were taken to a construction site for hands- on training.


Household listing and sample selection of households was carried out. This field training was supervised by Reshmi Nair of International Institute of Population Sciences. The participants got to interview the householders and their children.  In the review session on the final day, feedback and queries were discussed. Before their departure, the participants were given their anthropometric instruments which they will use in their respective cities, with a promise to deliver their best to make this study a success. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


by Father Crescens Lemos


MUMBAI, APR 19, 2016: The Salesian Province of Mumbai organised a course for 20 young Salesian Priests at the Don Bosco Provincial House, Matunga on April 16.


The day began with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist at 9 am in the crypt. The main celebrant, Father Godfrey D'Souza - Provincial of the Mumbai province- invited the young priests to be life-giving in their ministry with the youth, keeping in mind Jesus: the Bread of life, as the driving force of their work and mission.

Father Savio Silveira, the Vice Provincial, gave a brief review of the meeting held last year. The young priests then presented the ministry work which they had initiated in their respective places, which included the Youth Fest, career guidance, recruitment services, outreach work, social awareness and various other youth related activities. 


Father Glenford Lowe later spelt out the role of the Province Youth Ministry Delegate and the Community Youth Ministry Delegate. He invited the local youth ministry delegate to initiate innovative means to reach out to the youth within their vicinity. Father Silveira concluded the meeting by inviting the confreres to dream big and work towards fulfilling their dream, just as Don Bosco did.


Youth Ministry is a very vast field, hence there is a need to network within Salesian institutions so that the needs of many more youth can be catered to. The day ended with the young sons of Don Bosco placing in the hands of the Blessed Mother, the work entrusted to their care, just as Don Bosco always did.

Saturday, April 16, 2016


by Rahul Ahir


WALVANDA, APR 16, 2016: Bosco Samajik Vikas Sanstha (BSVS) in collaboration with IIFL commenced the construction of seven new check dams and repairing work of 10 check dams in Jawhar and Mokhada blocks of Palghar, to improve the drinking water supply and introduce vegetable cultivation and horticulture in the area. 


All these works are being carried out with the help of the entire village workforce. BSVS dug 15 new bore wells in the area to start jasmine cultivation for the farmers. Simultaneously, work towards the deepening of two wells is under progress. One earthen embankment repair work is also underway. 


In Dongrepada of Pathardi village, the BSVS team with the villagers, are working day and night under the leadership of Father Anaclete D'Mello, Brother Alex Gonsalves and Father Ashley Miranda for the completion of the work before the onset of the monsoons. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


by Leena Lobo


KUWAIT, APR 12, 2016: A Thanksgiving fellowship was organised to help 56 - tenth and twelfth standard -  students who recently appeared for their board examinations, to help them unwind at Saint Therese of the Child Jesus courtyard in Kuwait on April 7.


Salesian Cooperators organised the fellowship to allow students to enjoy some time together before they leave to pursue further studies. The programme commenced with the Holy Mass celebrated by Father Franco Pereira, who cited the example of one grateful leper who was cured by Jesus.

The example helped the youth understand the importance of thanking the Lord in every circumstance. He invited all the students to express their gratitude to God for all their blessings and gifts.


After the Holy Eucharist, students moved to the courtyard for a fellowship of games and dancing. Father Blany Pinto encouraged them to always have a close relationship with God. He made them aware of the challenges of peer pressure and the importance of making the right choices. He exhorted all to enroll themselves in their parish youth groups.


"Wow! What a beautiful evening we had. It was well organised with good games and a lively get together," said Anson Pereira, a youth. Renita D'Souza added, "All the students had a wonderful time. This evening has helped create unity and togetherness."

Monday, April 11, 2016


by BIS Correspondent


NEW DELHI, APR 10, 2016: Two boys from Shelter Don Bosco, along with Brother Akhil Abraham, participated in the South Asian Children's Consultation by the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child – to highlight the problems of street children - from April 4 to 6 in New Delhi.


Twelve NGO's took part in the three-day long meeting, which highlighted the problems children faced and underlined steps that Governments could take to resolve these problems.


The first day began with the introductory session. The children were introduced to the idea of the consultation. The children were then divided in groups and given various activities with the idea of depicting the present situation of street children; after which each group had to share what they prepared.


The second day, mainly focused on the problems of street children using the 'tree of life' module. The 'tree of life' module was used to know the present situation, the root causes, the effects and the dreams of a street child.


The presentation helped highlight a host of issues that children face. There was also a session by two members of the UN Committee for the Rights of the Child. They explained and also got to know the problems of street children from them, first-hand.


On the third day, the focus moved to what the government could do to improve the lives of children on the streets. Many children came forward and shared their experiences and problems. The children were given an exercise on bringing about change, with regard to the issue of street children. 


The consultation ended with the assurance by the members from the UN, who took down the various issues raised by the children and promised that something will be done with regards to the same.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


by Gail Timmin's and Meryl D'Lima


KUWAIT, APR 5, 2016: To celebrate and share in the Light of our risen Lord, Jesus Christ, the Faith and Light community, which is a special endeavour for people with special needs, and the Liturgical Ministry Commission (LMC) – from St. Therese of the Child Jesus parish, Kuwait – visited a park on April 1.


The visit was organised by the Ray of Light division of the Faith and Light community. After a welcome prayer and some worship songs, the festivities began. Fun-filled games kept everyone entertained as they competed in a host of games.


The highlight of the morning was an Easter Egg hunt, where the children along with their families and friends had to find a basket of Easter eggs hidden for them. The Easter eggs were made and given as a small gesture of love from the liturgical ministry.


A family that recently joined the community then shared their thoughts at being part of the community. Kenny, a special needs child said, "It was a good idea to be at the park, praying and playing with my mother, father, brother, sister and friends."


Another LMC member added, "It is great to see the patience, love, humility, affection and dedication shown by the members of the Faith and Light community." Faith and Light is an international community founded in France, for persons with special needs, their family and friends.


by Wilfred Vaz


KUWAIT, APR 5, 2016: The Extraordinary Ministers for Holy Communion Distribution (EMCDs) organised an Outreach programme for the sick, aged and home-bound on March 31 at St Therese of Child Jesus parish in Kuwait.


Special arrangements and transportation were made available so that the sick and homebound could meet in church for Holy Mass and fellowship. The Spiritual Director of the EMCD, Father Franco Pereira and Father Jerome Pinto- from Nagpur – celebrated the Holy Eucharist to mark the occasion. 


During the homily, Father Pereira stressed that the elderly were a gift and a rich treasury of knowledge and experience. He added that the younger generation must draw on the wisdom and discernment of the elderly. Additionally, he encouraged the elderly to be more active in the parish activities and to continue to contribute towards parish development.


Later, all assembled in the church courtyard for a warm fellowship. The EMCD members met with the elderly in keeping with the theme, 'Let us mingle together with the joy and the hope of Easter.' The EMCD's Lester D'Mello, Stephen Machado and Henry D'Souza kept the evening lively and entertaining. 


"It was a beautiful event that appeared to touch the hearts of people who are literally kept out of society for no fault of theirs,"  Steven Machado, EMCD member, said. As a token of love from the EMCDs, a Cross with Saint Benedict's Medal, was blessed and gifted to those present.


by BIS Correspondent


NERUL, APR 5, 2016: Don Bosco High School in Nerul can now boast of state-of-the-art infrastructure in the form of a newly built Turf court, Tennis court, Basketball court and the Library, which were inaugurated by Father Godfrey D'Souza, Provincial of Mumbai province and Rector, Father Wilfred D'Souza on March 31.


Father Anthony Fonseca, the principal, welcomed the dignitaries on behalf of the entire staff. The programme began with a prayer and blessing of the tennis court followed by the turf court, basketball court and the library.


Father D'Souza stressed, during his address, that sport was an integral part of the pedagogy of Don Bosco and no school is complete without a playground. 


He added that the facilities should also be open to underprivileged children. The dignitaries, along with the manager and principal displayed their sporting skills by playing a game of tennis and soccer. 

Saturday, April 2, 2016


by BIS Correspondent


PUNE, APR 2, 2016: The Bosco Samajik Sanstha at Koregaon park, Pune celebrated International Women's Day with a programme themed on 'gender equality.' Women from 16 different slums from the city of Pune participated in the programme. 


Many dignitaries from the Municipal Corporation, media, networking NGOs and the Women and Child Development department graced the occasion.

The programme began at 11.30 in the morning with a short prayer service, followed by a welcome address by Father Rolvin D'Mello, the Executive Director. 

Apart from sessions on women empowerment, there were inputs on 'domestic garbage management' and 'fire precautions.' After lunch, the cultural and entertainment programme had all the participants excited and engaged. 

Of more than 130 self- help groups that the Bosco Samajik Sanstha has started since 2005, five best groups were felicitated. Five most enterprising women were selected and felicitated too. 

The day ended with a pledge by the participants to respect all women, followed by a vote of thanks and snacks for all.


by BIS Correspondent


WALUJ, APR 2, 2016: Given the variety of career options available to the youth today, career guidance is essential to help them to make the right career choice. 115 youth from Waluj in Aurangabad, on March 31, participated in a career guidance workshop that helped them 'dream big and work smart.'


The workshop was held at Bosco Gramin Vikas Kendra in Waluj and was animated by Noel Pascal and Mark Martin who addressed the youth on how to plan for a successful future. 


At the onset, each youth was given a band with a logo 'Dream Big, Work Smart.' The youngsters were divided into ten groups and each contributed to resolving issues pertaining to their lives. 


Pascal stressed on the fact that one needed to think and aspire big to reach one's goal, by having a positive attitude. He said that aspirations, knowledge and skills are the base on which dreams are fulfilled and futures ensured. 


In the second half of the day, Martin gave youth, practical insights on how to go for an interview and search for a job. He also exposed the youngsters to various career options. The youth were thrilled and benefitted from the programme.  


Father Savio Silveira, Vice Provincial of the Mumbai province, was the chief guest at the workshop. He stressed on the slogan 'Dream Big, Work Smart,' while addressing the gathering. 


Father Silveira spoke about Dr Verghese Kurien, a visionary and social entrepreneur, who founded Amul and with it successfully started the world's largest agricultural development programme, that transformed India from a milk-deficient nation to the world's largest milk producer, surpassing the United States of America in 1998.