Wednesday, May 11, 2016


by Alex Rego


KUWAIT, MAY 10, 2016: "Tears of a mother cannot save her child, but your blood can." This is what inspired the Ushers Ministry of St. Therese Parish of Kuwait to organise a blood donation drive on May 5. 


Parishioners from all walks of life and of different age groups came forward to donate their blood. Of the 300 parishioners that reported, donations could be accepted only from 110 parishioners. Some of the reasons for decline included recent travel, low hemoglobin and other health-related issues.

The Jabriyah Blood Bank team came with an experienced medical staff and eight beds. Parishioners and ushers encouraged one another with smiles and refreshments. Blood donor, Francis Jayaraj said, "Blood is the most precious gift that anyone can give another. The decision to donate your blood can save a life." 

The ushers team expressed their gratitude to the parish priest, Father Blany Pinto for giving them the opportunity to conduct the drive and to some generous sponsors for providing refreshments. 


Usher Mark Rodrigues said, "This campaign was organised to show how we can be a part in helping to save lives, as blood has no religion." Indeed, it takes all types to keep the heartbeat going!

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