Saturday, July 30, 2016


BBIS Correspondent


AHMEDNAGAR, JUL 29, 2016: Don Bosco Vidyalaya, Savedi, Ahmednagar strongly protested the gang rape and murder of a 14-year-old school girl  from Kopardi taluka of the district of Ahmednagar on July 13.


The entire management, teaching and non-teaching staff along with all the students had black ribbons as the sign of protest for the whole day. The students then undertook a silent protest march along the nearby colony. There have been number of other protests across the district of Ahmednagar over the same issue.


The incident took place when the girl was returning home from her grandfather's house, only around 500 metres away from her house. Her body was eventually found under a tree, while her bicycle was abandoned close to a canal. A post mortem confirmed rape and revealed torture marks.


Since the incident occurred, there is growing fear and anxiety among the parents about the safety of girl students in the society.  Such is the fear that some parents are even scared to send their girls to school.  Don Bosco Vidyalaya, Savedi, Ahmednagar management, staff and students ask one simple yet fundamental question,' Will our students have safe atmosphere in the society?'

Friday, July 29, 2016


by BIS Correspondent

MUMBAI, JUL 29, 2016: Around 100 of the 418 students trained in beauty care by the Don Bosco Development Society (DBDS) attended a campus selection organised by Urban Clap, a service provider app, at the Matunga Campus on July 26.

DBDS joined forces with Urban Clap, a leading start-up company which helps customers hire professionals for their service needs.

Urban Clap covers a wide spectrum of services like health, wellness, repair, maintenance, home care and design. DBDS and Urban Clap came up with this initiative to link trained beauticians to customers residing close to their home.

The beauticians are to provide beauty services to the customers at their doorstep and this would help them earn anything from Rs 500 to 1500 per client. On an average their monthly income would be Rs 25,000 to 35,000. The purpose of these kind of endeavours is to change the identity of a woman from dependent to a financially independent person.

Thursday, July 28, 2016


by Swati Patil


PUNE, JUL 28, 2016: Don Bosco Primary School, Pune celebrated Grandparents Day on July 26 by to raise grandparent-consciousness among the students. 


Grandparents were invited to school and students expressed their love through a number of performances. A skit depicting the present situation of grandparents in their families, made all those present very emotional. 


The students prepared greeting cards and presented it to their grandparents. All the grandparents actively participated in the tele-games and danced to the latest Marathi numbers. 


The invitees were overwhelmed by the gesture of love and thoughtfulness of the school. Grandmother, Asha Khajekar said, "This is the first time that grandparents have been invited for such a wonderful programme and this will surely create more respect for us in our families.

The students too were thrilled to have their grandparents over, at their second home - their school. Divya Jankar, a student of std IV said, " Today I am very happy that my grandma has come to school for the first time to see my stage performance."


The Principal Father Bosco D'Mello, thanked all the grandparents for being present in large numbers for the programme.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


by Mehtab Shinde


PUNE, JUL 27, 2016: When the governing Department of Education in Pune declined aid to Yerwada-based Don Bosco High School (DBHS), to construct an additional division, to deal with the issue of overcrowded classrooms, the school Management faced an uphill task to find a solution.


The Management, led by Father Bosco D'Mello – who took up the issue after he joined in 2015-16 – the staff and the Parent Teacher Association formed a committee to tackle the issue. Team work paid-off and the committee decided to construct temporary make-shift classrooms for eight years on the premises to seat the students.


The plan worked and on June 15, students moved into their new sections. A 'phasing out' process was also instituted to ensure that extra divisions divide the strength and bring the class within limits for a period of eight years. The new admission process for Jr. KG will also henceforth be controlled to ensure that the problem does not continue in the future.   


The plan was not easy as the school faced several difficulties, one being the infrastructure - a need of eight extra classrooms. To address this concern, a few vacant rooms were put in use.  Make-shift rooms were constructed to accommodate the extra divisions.  They were also equipped with facilities like proper lighting, ventilation, LCD Projectors, Tata Class Edge and the appointment of more qualified teachers. 


DBHS is a Government-aided school and its classrooms could only accommodate a maximum of 56 students. However, in reality, it accommodated 70 to 77. The excess number of students meant that until last year at least three students would share a desk meant for two and some would also sit on the floor near the entrance. 


In the senior classes, it was even more inconvenient as the desks were joined to accommodate as many as possible.  Students would be forced to keep their bags on their laps the whole day and students had to share their books, as it was inconvenient to keep their books open on the desk. Teachers also found it difficult to connect with each child and to correct each student's books.


With the new measures being instituted, school life is not the same for the students and teachers. The youth are now seated comfortably. Due to the reduced teacher-student ratio, there is better receptivity and more discipline in the class. Someone rightly said, 'Children are nation's biggest resource, raising them well is the best investment you can make.'

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


by Chris Ferreira


CHHOTAUDEPUR, JUL 26, 2016: Ninety participants from 19 villages of Pavi Jetpur, Kawant and Chhotaudepur talukas met for a workshop on Methods to Improve the Functioning of Special Help Groups (SHG's) and the management of issues like Education and Sanitation at grass-root levels' in the neighbouring tribal belt.


The Development staff organised the workshop at Don Bosco campus in Chhotaudepur. The resources persons addressed the gathering on several issues that ranged from the role of mothers, to the varied tribal schemes related to primary education.


The resident Rector of the Institution, Father Brian Boothello and Brother Ramesh Durairaj, President of the Development Office of the Salesian Province of Mumbai for the Gujarat Region, spoke about the inevitable catalyst's role of a mother and the ever- innovative and well informed role of a woman, in their talks respectively.


Sumitraben Chauhan, Co-ordinator of the Tribal Sub Plan, Chhotaudepur spoke about the varied tribal schemes related to primary education. Her remark about equity among boys and girls was well-built in her thoughts on gender equality and physical development of children irrespective of the pupil's gender. She addressed the concerns of education affected by migration. She also spoke about the reduction of the morbidity and mortality rate as the need of the hour.


Dipikaben, the District Co-ordinator, Mission Mangalam, Chhotaudepur broke the concept of SHGs for the audience. She informed them that in the scheme for Below Poverty Line (BPL) card holders, Mission Mangalam provided not only Rs 5000 as resolving fund to the women's groups but also offered training to the children of SHG members in vocational courses.


"Even Above Poverty Line (APL) card holders were beneficiaries of this scheme in 2015 but later in 2016, the Gujarat Government withdrew this scheme," she said. She ended by saying that villages can form ten SHG groups for which the Mangalam Project will provide Rs 5,00,000 for income generation programmes.


The day ended with an talk on holistic education and planned sanitation by Nagin Rathwa and Reman Rathwa, both Lok Seva Kendra Masters at Chhotaudepur.


by BIS Correspondent


MUMBAI, JUL 26, 2016: In a bid to help 60 poverty stricken villages in Maharashtra, the Bosco Gramin Vikas Kendra (BGVK) in Aurangabad alongside STULZ CHSPL India Pvt. Ltd. have launched a 'Livelihood Project' to educate and equip the rural marginalised through training, exposure and implementation availing the various existent government schemes.


Livelihoods in the rural districts of Aurangabad, Jalna, Parbhani in Maharashtra are harshly affected by various socio-economic factors such as the scarcity of water, inadequate skilling, very little agricultural research, financial insecurity and a host of other issues that need immediate attention.


The BGVK under the aegis of Mumbai-based Don Bosco Development Society has committed to reach out to 60 villages in this region. 20 villages each in Aurangabad, Jalna and Parbhani have been identified as communities that require sustainable solutions to their varied issues.

Initially supported by the BMZ, Federal Ministry (Germany) for four years, this 'Livelihood Project' seeks to - through a 11-month period - address issues related to youth, women and farmers.

The primary focus is providing youth with vocational skilling, imparting livelihood skills training to farmers, agricultural extension specifically aimed at understanding and implementing better scientific farm practices with regard to soil and crops and empowerment of women through formation of Self Help Groups (SHGs) and bank linkages.

"We have to envisage sustainable development and permanent solutions to the people's problems," Father Rolvin D'Mello, the Executive Director of Don Bosco Development Society, said.


BGVK intends to mobilise, organise and educate individuals and communities to access their entitled rights through this renewable endeavour, offering hope to the voiceless.


Kalyan Chape, the Sarpanch of Shahapur, Aurangabad and Sakhubai Kharat, SHG Women Jikhthan, Aurangabad expressed their gratitude to all concerned for implementing the development initiative.


by Chris Ferreira


CHHOTAUDEPUR, JUL 26, 2016: At least 400 students from four schools in Chhotaudepur attended the Career Guidance programme that was organised by the Lok Seva Kendra in conjunction with Don Bosco High School, Chhotaudepur on July 23.


Students from SF High School, Iqbal School, Maniben High School and Don Bosco High School were present for the event. The speakers for the day were Kiran Macwan, a High School Professor at Don Bosco High School in Chhotaudepur, Francis Macwan and Praful Macwan – both veterans in the field of Career Guidance and Counselling.


Brother Ramesh Durairaj, President of the Development Department of the Salesian Province of Mumbai for the Gujarat Region, welcomed the young crowd to invest in this seminar whole heartedly with their questions, queries and doubts.


The speakers tried to emphasize that professions in medicine and engineering are not the only one's available for students today. "For many years, the queries we asked pertained only to two or three professions. Well, why don't we ever ask how does one be a professional dancer, designer, technician, artist, sculptor, counselor or even a military commander for that matter! Who ever said there is a dearth of jobs, it is just that we never looked beyond the narrow scope of medicine and engineering," Brother Durairaj said.


Students then had the opportunity to get their doubts clarified in a question-answer session. It was further stressed that India is indeed a 'Land of Variety' and there are several career options available to the youth today.

Saturday, July 23, 2016


by Akhil Abraham


MUMBAI, JUL 23, 2016: "By improving health, empowering women, population growth comes down," said Bill Gates, the owner of Microsoft. To throw light on the topic of population explosion Nizamuddin Shah and his team, Jannat Media Work Production performed a play at the Bosco Boys Home, Borivli on July 22. The technical boys, residential boys and staff were present.


The group performed many short stories depicting the various social problems affecting India. Saving the girl child, unemployment, child marriage, health and family planning were the issues highlighted. 


The performers also raised many questions and shouted slogans like 'Beti Bachao, Desh Bachao', related to population explosion during the act. 


The street play left an impact on the audience. Yogesh Chavan, a technical trainee said," I have come to know the value of a family and how education plays a very important role in controlling population explosion."


Father Solomon, Rector of Bosco Boys Home summarised the play saying, " All need to know the importance of natural family planning and this message must reach the people all over the country."


by BIS Correspondent


MUMBAI, JUL 23, 2016: With the aim of transforming street boys to exemplary citizens, Don Bosco Shelter, Wadala provided them with, 'Vocational Guidance' at their Monthly Mela on July 20. 

The Shelter outreach staff that share a good rapport with the boys on the street invited them to come for Mela, to which 74 boys responded.


The Mela started with a prayer service followed by an input session on various courses available at Don Bosco Karjat. Street boys were motivated and counselled to leave their past behind and start a new life at the various Salesian vocational training centres. 

Father Gregory Almeida, Rector of Shelter Don Bosco, encouraged the boys saying, "Shelter Don Bosco is a tree which is happy to extend its branches to carry the burden of all those who are tired and weary on the street and to refresh, rejuvenate and restart a dignified life." 


Health and hygiene services like haircuts, nail cutting, dressing wounds, bathing and distribution of clean clothes, were provided to the boys. They were then given a glimpse of their potential through a drawing competition and dance session, which they thoroughly enjoyed. 


The Salesian Cooperators - Catholic lay people living in the spirit of Bosco - helped with their hospitality, cooking and serving the boys. A movie was then screened for their entertainment.

The Mela ended with the Vote of Thanks by Father Jesu Robinson. He motivated the youngsters to pursue a career and become upright citizens of the country.

Friday, July 22, 2016


by Jacinta D'Souza 


MUMBAI, JUL 22, 2016: Youth issues took centre gate at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Salesian Cooperators - Catholics who are living the gospel message in the spirit of Saint John Bosco, while choosing to live in the world. The AGM was held at the Don Bosco Provincial House, Matunga on July 10.


Father Glenford Lowe, Provincial Councillor and Delegate for Youth Ministry in the province of Mumbai, was the Chief Guest. He asked the  Cooperators to take a hard look at their service to the young.


Father Lowe spoke about the situation of the youth today. The young live in the NOW world; and seek to get things done immediately. "They do not have the capacity to wait for things to happen or to receive anything, as was characterised by the previous generation.  They are impatient with persons and situations at home, school, religion and society," he said. 


With this in mind Father Lowe offered four 'P's' to reach out to the young: Professional, Principled, Passionate and Prophetic. He also briefed those present about the Symbiosis programme, to be organised in December, that would involve school children, youngsters and the Salesian Family.


Father Lowe celebrated the Holy Eucharist for the Cooperators. Father Vivian D'Souza, Provincial Delegate- Salesian Family, Father Wilfred D'Souza, Father Thomas D'Costa together with the 65 members from eight units of the Salesian Cooperators were present at the AGM. 


Secretary, Christopher Gomes presented the Report. Sister Catherine Fernandes presented the Report of the FMA Mumbai region. The consolidated Report of the units was presented by Jacinta D'Souza, provincial coordinator. Treasurer, Anthony Estebeiro presented the Statement of Accounts, which were passed by the Assembly. 


Father Vivian D'Souza, proposed the programme for the year and commented on the issue of sending applications to the Centre for the 'Promise' to be taken by the Aspirants. The event ended with the Vote of Thanks.

Thursday, July 21, 2016


by Swati Patil 


MUMBAI, JUL 21, 2016: The first media workshop for the Correspondents of Bosco Information Service (BIS) - the social communication wing of the Salesians of the Mumbai Province - was conducted on July 18-19, at the Don Bosco Provincial House in Matunga. 

Almost 50 reporters from Maharashtra, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh- representing their Salesian institutions- attended the seminar, to sharpen their skills and strengthen the output of BIS.  


In his inaugural speech Father Joaquim Fernandes, Regional Delegate of Boscom South Asia gave an overview of the Salesian Social Communication System. 


Professionals were invited to train the amateur reporters. Karen Laurie, Editor of BIS for the province, spoke of the need for all articles to be relevant to a greater audience and not just an individual community or institution. News gathering and reporting were the skills, she imparted. 

In the session on 'New Media Reportage', Father Chris Valentino, Member of the Provincial Commission for Social Communication, highlighted the advantages and disadvantages of social media and urged the reporters to be vigilant netizens while publishing any information.

Father Cleophas Braganza, the Salesian Webmaster for Boscom South Asia, brought the correspondents up-to-date on Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS) which is cost efficient and secure software; a better option to pirated versions of expensive softwares available in the market.

The group was then hosted by the Mass Media department of Don Bosco College, Kurla; where Executive Director, Father Joe Braganza, through impactful visuals at their state-of-the-art theatre, stressed on the power of the press. He equipped the new reporters with the tools essentials for journalism.


At the end of day one, Jennifer Dias, BIS correspondent from Don Bosco Nerul spoke of her experience, "The sessions have been enriching and empowering with a lot to take back to my institution." 


Day two, began with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist by the Provincial, Father Godfrey D'Souza and Vice Provincial, Father Savio Silveira at the Crypt of the Shrine of Don Bosco's Madonna. 

In his Homily, Father D'Souza spoke of the importance of journalism and writing for the Salesian founder, Don Bosco: who constantly wrote about the boys in his care and the goodness he saw in them. He encouraged the correspondents to continue his legacy. 

A picture indeed speaks a thousand words and participants witnessed this first-hand through the images of photojournalist, Sherwin Crasto. He explained how composition, colour and lighting can enhance a photograph.  


"Media education is the need of the hour in schools," said Father Joaquim Fernandes as he encouraged the young reporters in his session on 'Media Literacy', to start media clubs in their institutions, to help youth use media effectively. 

In an interactive session, veteran journalist Ashley D'Mello- former Assistant Editor, Times of India- fielded questions from BIS correspondents on writing styles, the difference in religious and secular journalism, current industry trends among others. 


The day ended with group and individual hands-on training sessions, to help put into practice everything learnt at the workshop.  


Brother Joyston Machado BIS Correspondent from St. Dominic Savio, Andheri said, "The workshop was informative and enriching. It paved a path towards a transition from a monotonous way of writing to a dynamic one." The workshop was organised by Tej- Prasarini, Don Bosco Communications, Mumbai.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


by Rajeev Mehra    


MUMBAI, JUL  20, : The Don Bosco Mumbai Province Alumni have pledged to secure a million volunteers to donate their organs after their death. The decision was taken at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on July 2017 at Don Bosco School of Learning, Kurla.   


The inspiration comes from an initiative by St. Joseph High School Alumni, Wadala. 68 members from six alumni units of the Mumbai and Vasai region met at the AGM to celebrate their togetherness in the spirit of Don Bosco. 


Father Colbert D'Silva, the Chief Guest, gave a opening message. Father Vivian D'Souza, the Provincial delegate then welcomed the delegates, each alumni unit and Sr. Fides Macwan, the Provincial Alumni Delegate of the Salesian Sisters. 


Rajeev Mehra, the secretary read out the minutes of the last AGM. The activities of the previous year, were presented through a power point presentation. 


Hemant Jain, the treasurer  presented the Statement of Accounts for the Financial year 2015-16, which was then passed. Ketan Gala, the newly elected President of the National Federation of Past Pupils, then addressed the gathering.


The Guest speaker for the day, Divyani Rosario, conducted an interactive session on Leadership. Then each Unit presented their Annual Reports. 


The fledgling unit of St. Joseph High School, Wadala, announced the Centenary of their Institution and shared the list of initiatives undertaken to commemorate the event. 


A notable initiative was to garner a million volunteers to pledge their body organs after death. The Unit has finished its research and is now in talks with the Health Ministry at the Centre and the government organisation for organ donation. 


Father D'Souza presented the proposed programme for the year. The members then took up a few issues of the Association for discussion. 


After the closing prayer, the election of the GEX representative to the Provincial Council was held. Leon Tavasso from the Andheri unit was unanimously elected.

Saturday, July 16, 2016


by Lynette Sequeira


BORIVLI, JUL 16, 2016: Don Bosco alumni from Don Bosco, Borivli organised a Career Guidance Programme on July 10, to help inform students and parents from standard nine and ten about the various education avenues available to them after they pass out of school.


Guidance counsellors, Kapasi and Chavan provided the students and parents detailed information about the various streams that they could pursue in the future. Apart from the usual streams, diplomas and vocational courses were also spoken about.


A Career Fair was held after the programme and students had an opportunity to find out about the necessary qualifications, future prospects and famous personalities who had also chosen the fields displayed. 


Detailed take-home sheets about various careers were provided to the students, so that they could browse through the content at their convenience.


by BIS Correspondent 


AHMEDNAGAR, JULY 16, 2016: In a bid to improve the quality of primary education in 25 most underdeveloped villages of Ahmednagar and Beed districts, Don Bosco Development Society (DBDS) has launched a village education program to help at least 650 students a year gain access to quality education.


DBDS joined forces with STULZ-CHSPL – who funded the project – to enhance the quality of primary education in rural areas of the country. Even though the project began on July 1, the official inauguration was held on July 12 in Bosco Gramin Vikas Kendra (BGVK) in Ahmednagar.

DBDS (Mumbai) is the project holder while BGVK and St. John's based in Bhingar Camp, Ahmednagar are the implementing partners of this project.


Father Rolvin D'Mello, the Executive Director of DBDS, said that the project aimed at putting quality back into village education. Father George D'abreo, the project Director also addressed and motivated teacher's at the inauguration ceremony. Father Paul Antao, the assistant director of the project also spoke along the similar lines.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


by Dinesh Vasava


KAPADVANJ, JUL 13, 2016: Don Bosco Animation Centre, Kapadvanj organised a one- day Leadership Training programme for school captains and leaders on July 9. Almost 100 leaders from seven Gujarati medium schools participated in the hands- on workshop.


The day's programme consisted of sessions interspersed with ice breakers, action songs and group activities. The focal themes were:  being a Good Leader, Visualizing Leadership, Self Awareness and Leadership Strategies to effect change in schools. 

The leaders and captains chalked out an action plan for each of their schools, pledging to implement it in the current academic year.


This initiative by Amruthdhara was appreciated by the young students. "This is the first time we have enjoyed a Leadership workshop with a renewed format and lively interaction. We will surely implement it in our schools, " said a young participant.


by BIS Correspondent


NAVI MUMBAI, JUL 13, 2016: Students of Don Bosco Senior Secondary School, Nerul, had a reason to celebrate on July 5, as they pit their talents against each other in the 'Monsoon Sports Festival.'

A number of indoor games and outdoor games were organised and students of various houses vied for top honours. Students from standard six to eight participated in fun indoor activities like chess, carrom and table tennis, while students from standard nine to twelve competed in a range of outdoor games such as basketball, football, handball and dodgeball.


The Principal, Father Donald Fernandez declared the Monsoon Sports Festival open at 9am and during his inaugural speech he encouraged the students to participate by quoting Don Bosco, who had said, "My children jump, run and play and make all the noise you want but avoid sin."


Teacher Shailesh along with the Supervisor, Pankaj was in charge of organising the event.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


by BIS Correspondent


AHMEDNAGAR, JUL 12, 2016: Six catechists from Saint John Bosco Church, Savedi, Ahmednagar took their oath during Holy Mass on July 10 and pledged to remain faithful to the teachings of the church, as they took up the tasks of teaching the faith to the children at Sunday school.  


Sister Agatha, Brother Liam, teachers Pushpa, Clara Kamble, Suzana Thribhuvan and Rebeka Kedhari have now been tasked with guiding the youth in their faith.


Students of standard nine animated the Holy Eucharist under the guidance of their teacher Pushpa Sagalile. Father Vishwas Pereira conducted the choir. The Gospel passage of the day was enacted by the students and it was followed by the homily preached by Father Cedrick Sankul.


Each catechist was given a blessed rosary and a picture of Saint Joseph. The children also took an oath to be faithful to Sunday school and to help out in the activities of the church.

Friday, July 8, 2016


by Christopher Fernandes


KUWAIT, JUL 8, 2016: Scores of sports enthusiasts locked horns in cricket, football and carrom tourneys at the month-long Ramadan Sports Mania – organised by Don Bosco Oratory (DBO), Kuwait – that ended on July 2.


All-rounder Shivon Gomes and Miriam Fazlullah Resteen helped 'Go Getters' beat 'Jseraz' in the late Father Francis Kharjia Women's Box Cricket competition held at IEAS. 


Gomes made her mark on the tournament by excelling in batting and fielding, which earned her the title of "Fearless batswoman," as she top scored in the tournament. 


Reshteen was presented with best emerging player award, while Stephanie Pereira of Jseraz's, won the award for the highest wicket taker in the tournament. 


Dubop beat Scorpions in the men's edition of the tournament, to lift the title. The opening pair of team Dubop, Nawaf Inamdar and Yatan Joshi put on the runs in the first two over's, before Scorpions found a break through. 


It was Jassim Mohammed who made the difference in the finals and deservingly was named player of the finals for hitting three fours and taking three wickets in the last over.  


Twenty-four teams registered in this year's Rink Football tournament held at the IEAS quadrangle which is one of the most popular tournaments in Kuwait along with Box Cricket. Mumbaikars lifted the title as they beat 'Team' in the Rink Football finals. 


Mumbaikars had a host of experienced campaigners in their side as they took on the youth-filled, Team. 


A thrilling finals with commentary from Leo Rodrigues, kept the crowd on their toes. Young Haroon living up to expectations gave Team the lead through a penalty. It was in the last three minutes that Mumbaikars slipped in two goals. 


Steven Correia, Vishal Kotak, Ricky Sebastian, Kumail Ali and Peter Fernandes – from Mumbaikars – tried in vain to break through the defenses of Team.


Eighteen players demonstrated their skill in the 6th Open Don Bosco Oratory Carrom Tournament. Newcomer Mustafa beat Shyam Sundar in the finals. Mustafa and partner Ismail defeated Abdulla and Pervez in the doubles final. 


Father Blany Pinto, Father Derrick Misquitta and Father Franco Pereira were present for the finals to hand over the awards to the winners. 


Calder Dias took photographs of the various sporting events. 'HETCO', 'Fast Logistics' and 'DBO Academy' sponsored the tournament that brought joy to the youngsters.

Thursday, July 7, 2016


by BIS Correspondent


MUMBAI, JUL 7, 2016: There were two reasons to celebrate at Don Bosco High School, Matunga, on July 5, as the staff and students marked the feast of Dominic Savio and conducted the investiture ceremony on the same day.


Though the actual feast of the young Saint - who is a model to the youth, falls on May 6, the feast at the Matunga-based institution is held in July to coincide with the investiture ceremony. 


The school band welcomed the dignitaries at the event. Teacher's and students of standard ten organised the assembly  entitled 'Be The Change You Want to See in the World'.


"It is a myth that old fashioned saints like Dominic Savio cannot inspire our youth and teach them values," Principal, Father Bernard Fernandes, said. He also challenged the leaders to lead from the front and added that everyone is a leader and everyone has to become a leader somewhere in their life.


The Rector, Father Wilfred D'Souza too encouraged the new leaders with his speech. After the assembly, the leaders were solemnly vested and oaths were taken.


The school captain, Paarth Kapasi, proposed the vote of thanks saying, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step." He also added that the youth of today are the architects of tomorrow and that if the foundation is strong, the structure will last. 


The vice captain, Jayanand Jayan,  when asked about his leadership style, vowed that there will be no partiality or bias and that he will adhere to the rules and make sure that others too follow his good example. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


by BIS Correspondent


MATUNGA, JUL 5, 2016: 192 youth from the slums of Mumbai participated in the 'career assistance' seminar organised by the Don Bosco Development Society (DBDS) on July 4, 2016 at Don Bosco, Matunga. 

The workshop was part of the new project launched by DBDS called "Bosco Plus," which aims at catering to the youth from the slums of Mumbai with career assistance. The workshop disseminated information on accessing bank loans for students and initiated the process of career discernment.


Vivek Mendosa, Owner of the Lawrence and Mayo company was the chief guest for the programme that began at 2.00 pm in the Bianchi Hall of Don Bosco International School. He inspired the youth to dream big and work hard. 


Father Rolvin D'Mello, Executive Director of DBDS explained that the rationale behind launching a project like "Bosco Plus" is to reach out to the youth - 18 years and above - from the slums of the city.


Father Ajoy Fernandes, Director of Prafulta in collaboration with Bindhu Chaddha conducted a session on career discernment. They led the youth into a process of 'how' to choose a good career, bearing in mind different parameters. 


Dhiraj Ahire, staff of SBI bank, BKC Branch took next session on the various types of bank loans available for the youth and how to access them.


The final and the most exciting part of the workshop was the career fair. The youngsters could go to any career desk of their choice and get all the information they needed. There were 12 different career desks. The workshop ended with snacks and refreshment for all.

Friday, July 1, 2016


by BIS Correspondent


MUMBAI, JUL 1, 2016: Fifty five people from 23 different NGO's braved the Mumbai monsoon to attend the one-day workshop on 'The understanding of Juvenile Justice Act 2015 and Draft Rules' organised by Don Bosco Balprafulta in collaboration with Railway Children, UK at the at Don Bosco Provincial House, Matunga on June 27.


The objective of the workshop was to spread knowledge and create awareness regarding the Juvenile Justice Act, which was passed in 2015 with new provisions for marginalised children who need care and protection.

The main speaker for the day was advocate Maharukha Adenwala. She explained the Juvenile Justice Act, its amendments and provisions according to the act passed in 2015.

In the second half of the workshop, there was a small group discussion, where representatives from different NGO's could share their views and also difficulties with regards to running of institutions.


Vibhavani Kawle, a professor from TISS, conducted the group discussion. She also shared her views and helped people understand some of the practical problems and their solutions. An Action Plan was then presented by two different groups, one which works in institutions and the other which works for outreach children.


Father Gregory D'Almeida, Director of Don Bosco Balprafulta , planned and executed the workshop, which was held under the project 'Talaash' (Search) that works for children.