Tuesday, July 12, 2016


by BIS Correspondent


AHMEDNAGAR, JUL 12, 2016: Six catechists from Saint John Bosco Church, Savedi, Ahmednagar took their oath during Holy Mass on July 10 and pledged to remain faithful to the teachings of the church, as they took up the tasks of teaching the faith to the children at Sunday school.  


Sister Agatha, Brother Liam, teachers Pushpa, Clara Kamble, Suzana Thribhuvan and Rebeka Kedhari have now been tasked with guiding the youth in their faith.


Students of standard nine animated the Holy Eucharist under the guidance of their teacher Pushpa Sagalile. Father Vishwas Pereira conducted the choir. The Gospel passage of the day was enacted by the students and it was followed by the homily preached by Father Cedrick Sankul.


Each catechist was given a blessed rosary and a picture of Saint Joseph. The children also took an oath to be faithful to Sunday school and to help out in the activities of the church.

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