by Akhil Abraham


MUMBAI, JUL 23, 2016: "By improving health, empowering women, population growth comes down," said Bill Gates, the owner of Microsoft. To throw light on the topic of population explosion Nizamuddin Shah and his team, Jannat Media Work Production performed a play at the Bosco Boys Home, Borivli on July 22. The technical boys, residential boys and staff were present.


The group performed many short stories depicting the various social problems affecting India. Saving the girl child, unemployment, child marriage, health and family planning were the issues highlighted. 


The performers also raised many questions and shouted slogans like 'Beti Bachao, Desh Bachao', related to population explosion during the act. 


The street play left an impact on the audience. Yogesh Chavan, a technical trainee said," I have come to know the value of a family and how education plays a very important role in controlling population explosion."


Father Solomon, Rector of Bosco Boys Home summarised the play saying, " All need to know the importance of natural family planning and this message must reach the people all over the country."