by Chris Ferreira


CHHOTAUDEPUR, JUL 26, 2016: At least 400 students from four schools in Chhotaudepur attended the Career Guidance programme that was organised by the Lok Seva Kendra in conjunction with Don Bosco High School, Chhotaudepur on July 23.


Students from SF High School, Iqbal School, Maniben High School and Don Bosco High School were present for the event. The speakers for the day were Kiran Macwan, a High School Professor at Don Bosco High School in Chhotaudepur, Francis Macwan and Praful Macwan – both veterans in the field of Career Guidance and Counselling.


Brother Ramesh Durairaj, President of the Development Department of the Salesian Province of Mumbai for the Gujarat Region, welcomed the young crowd to invest in this seminar whole heartedly with their questions, queries and doubts.


The speakers tried to emphasize that professions in medicine and engineering are not the only one's available for students today. "For many years, the queries we asked pertained only to two or three professions. Well, why don't we ever ask how does one be a professional dancer, designer, technician, artist, sculptor, counselor or even a military commander for that matter! Who ever said there is a dearth of jobs, it is just that we never looked beyond the narrow scope of medicine and engineering," Brother Durairaj said.


Students then had the opportunity to get their doubts clarified in a question-answer session. It was further stressed that India is indeed a 'Land of Variety' and there are several career options available to the youth today.