Tuesday, August 9, 2016


by Akhil Abraham


MUMBAI, AUG 9, 2016: "When there is both inner and outer cleanliness, it approaches godliness," said Mahatma Gandhi. So to instill in the students the importance of being clean and healthy,  the staff and students of Bosco Boys Home, Borivli launched a Cleanliness Week from August 1-6. 


During the six days, the morning talks were based on the theme. Students were allotted spaces to clean up each day.  On day one – which focused on the cleanliness of the environment - students cleaned the surrounding areas of the house. 


The second day was dedicated to the general cleaning of the house. The focus on day three, was to clean the washroom and also to learn washroom etiquette. 


The fourth day stressed on health, hygiene and dental care. On this day doctors from the neighbouring hospital came to conduct a health check- up of all the boys. The students were also given a Tetanus vaccination.  


On day five, importance was given to personal hygiene. The sixth day had the Prize distribution ceremony, where efforts of the boys who did exceptional work during the week was recognised.


The cleanliness drive has a deep impact on the participants. Shriraj Kazi, students of standard 10 said, " As we clean our body every day, the same way we need to keep our homes and our surroundings clean and this act of cleaning will make this world a better place to live in."


Father Solomon Rapol, rector of Bosco Boys Home, in his concluding talk said, "This week must not be the end but the beginning of something that will change our lives and change the world at large."

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