Thursday, August 11, 2016


by Lily Nirmal 


NASHIK, AUG 11, 2016: Father Ivo Coelho, the Councillor for Formation of Salesians of the world, visited Don Bosco High School, Nashik on August 10 and urged the staff and management to believe in every child's potential and  the value of unity in a community.


He also stressed that education is two-way affair where teachers and parents had to work in union, for the all-round development of a child. 


Father Coelho reflected on the  mission of Don Bosco saying, "The mission of Don Bosco does not belong to the management, but belongs to each one of you. You are the ones who are making the dream come alive by your human values while dealing with the children."


Father Coelho then lauded the management of the institution, saying that he had seen the school growing right from its inception and the one aspect that stood out for him was that the management and teachers always reached out to the poorest of the poor.


The day ended with an interactive session between Father Coelho and the school teachers.


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