Wednesday, August 17, 2016


by Eustace Fernandes


MUMBAI, AUG 16, 2016: In an attempt to highlight the importance of values, a special Value based programme was organised for all the technical and school going boys at Bosco Boys Home, Borivli on August 13.


The programme was conducted by Father Allywn Misquitta and supported by Harry Menezes, a parishoner from Don Bosco parish, Borivli. The session began with Father Misquitta leading all the boys into prayer.

Father Misquitta focused on being free from all vices, which become a block in our relationship with God. The session was made interesting with praise and worship songs and commentary at the background.


The programme was divided into two parts. The first session focused on the theme, 'Living by objectives'. In this session, Father Misquitta focused on five important points namely sensitivity to our friends, importance of punctuality, neatness, courteousness and how one must inculcate a scientific attitude.


The second session conducted by Menezes focused on the negative impact of tobacco. The session was interactive, wherein all the youth participated and shared testimonies. He spoke in depth about the dangers of tobacco consumption. At the end of his talk he requested all the youth to stay away from tobacco and live a healthy life.


Menezes also invited a few boys to share their testimony on how they have overcome the craving for tobacco and other vices. A student studying in the Air Conditioner workshop shared his experience of being secluded from society because he was addicted to drugs and alcohol. He further stated that it was due to the good will of a few individuals that he was able to overcome these habits and once again start a new life.

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