Thursday, August 18, 2016


by Swithin Moraes


LONAVLA, AUG 18, 2016: The boarders of Don Bosco School, Lonavla joined their parents in celebrating Marian Day on August 14, by competing in a host of Marian-themed games that helped the youth learn more about Mother Mary.


The programme started with the Holy Eucharistic celebration at 11:30 am. Father Valerian Pereira, the Rector, celebrated Holy Mass, after which,  parents spent time with their children. They assembled, at 1.30 pm, in the Assembly hall and were divided into teams.


The programmes comprised of different kinds of games and activities. One game required the teams to use a newspaper and pins to dress the children as Jesus and Mary.


At the end the winning team was awarded with medals; while the other teams received mementos of Our Blessed Mother. A highlight of the Marian Day was the creatively prepared Marian Grottos that adorned the corridors and the vibrant notice boards.

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