Tuesday, August 23, 2016


by Bis Correspondent


AHMEDNAGAR, AUG 23, 2016: Father Augustine Pereira, the parish priest of St Anne's parish, Ahmednagar has started Bible classes for Catholics who hunger for the Word of God and have opted for this service made available by the parish. 


Thirty people attend the Word of God seminars and find them refreshing and revitalising in the humdrum routine of daily life. Father Pereira has left no stone unturned to make this resource of feeding their Christian faith available to the people of his parish and many people find it extremely helpful. 

Father Pereira is well known for his knowledge of the Word of God. People are grateful for his in-depth understanding of Scripture and his practical reflections on the Word of God. 

Bible study helps the parishioners live out their Christian life and be other Christ's in the world. The weekly input has brought about new fervour in the people and has deepened their Christian faith. The number of those attending Bible classes is steadily increasing each week.

The parishioners are grateful to Father Pereira for helping them come closer to God. 

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