Saturday, August 27, 2016


by Clarence Martis


PUNE, AUG 29, 2016: Don Bosco Youth Centre, Koregaon Park, Pune celebrated its community week from August 21 to 26, themed on 'Rings of Love'.

The community week began with the inauguration prayer service focussing on the theme of the day 'Affection'. The first year Theology brothers enlightened the community on the significance of the theme and had the logo, theme and the time-table unveiled by the Rector, Father Nelson Carvalho.

The Rector invited the community to imitate Jesus who washed the feet of his disciples, shared the meal with them and finally sacrificed himself for all humankind.


The focus of the second day was 'Family Spirit'. During meditation, every community member displayed the photograph of their immediate family and the community learnt about the family members of each confrere. 


The brothers chipped in to prepare snacks every evening as part of community week celebrations. The Tournament for the week consisting of rink football and Malaysian Football began in the evening. During the Vespers, the community members prayed for each of the family members of the confreres.

The third day was focussed on 'Forgiveness'. The community had a meditation activity wherein each community member had to recall a person they had yet to forgive and to reflect on concrete ways to forgive that person. 

In the evening, the community prayed the rosary for unity in the world, in the country and in the community. The community also watched a movie as part of entertainment.

Day four was dedicated to the topic of 'Service'. During meditation the fourth year brothers explained the importance of Service in a world of selfishness. In the evening, Father Edison Fernandes animated the community into Mask Making. The purpose of this activity was to make every confrere aware of their identity,  the need for trust and the uniqueness of each person.


Day five was dedicated to the theme 'Joy'. The main activity of the day was community work and an occasion to spend time with the domestic staff over tea and snacks. After dinner, the community went to play a football match on the astro-turf at Don Bosco Yerwada. 


The final day of the week began with a prayer service in which each confrere explained the symbol that closely represented the community and why they had chosen such a symbol. After tea, the final round of the tournament was organised.


At 7.00 p.m. the community gathered to celebrate the Holy Eucharist, to thank the Lord for the community and to appreciate each confrere's presence in the community. The Rector, in his homily, spoke of the many times the aspect of community is mentioned in the New Testament. 

Father Carvalho spoke of the importance of community life, "Our Community life is a primary witness to others," he said. The community week came to an end with the exchange of greetings and a token of appreciation after which a small get-together was organised.


The community week brought home the message of gratitude and also the importance of love, which is an essential ingredient for a close-knit family.

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