Wednesday, August 31, 2016


by BIS Correspondent 


MUMBAI, AUG 31, 2016: The newly formed Parish Pastoral Council of Our Lady of Dolours parish, Wadala had a two- day training session at Don Bosco, Lonavla on August 27-28 . Bishop Bosco Penha and Trainer,  Elroy Gonsalves took the group through the "Inspire Model" training sessions to equip them with the essentials to carry out their Ministry of Service. 


Gonsalves started with an ice breaker that helped the participants to get to know themselves and others in the group better. Bishop Penha, then brought his vast experience into play as he took the group through the workings and requirements of the parish council. 


Through a host of personal experiences he made all realise the importance of belonging and working in the parish council. The session ran through the day. In the evening, through his interactive session, Gonsalves helped all understand the importance of planning and conducting effective meetings, at all levels. 


Day two began with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, at which there was a lot of group sharing. Post- breakfast Bishop Penha took the council members through an exercise of strategising, as an effective community building exercise. 


Bishop Penha began the process of serious planning and critical evaluation of decisions and initiatives proposed by the groups for community growth. He dwelt at great length on one of the ideas that came from the group of a talent search and involvement of the each member in the community, offering some service or the other. This revived the Ten is Mine programme, which was explained by Father Godfrey D'Sa.


Gonsalves then wound up the training with a group exercise, to help the members choose what they wanted to do and where to begin in their efforts to build themselves and their community. 


This was followed by a short parish council meeting. The group worked out strategies for the growth of the communities and associations. The programme ended with lunch. 

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