Monday, September 5, 2016


by Karenzer and Agassi

MUMBAI, SEP 5, 2016: The First Year Bachelor of Management Studies (FYBMS) of Don Bosch College, Kurla - along with Professor Prajakta - staged the multimedia event "Who is Don Bosco?" on August 23 in the Father Santino Mondini Hall. The event showcased the life of Don Bosco . 

The BMS department along with the faculty formed the audience. It began with the childhood and the formative years of John Bosco and then the narrative moved on to his work among the youth and to the formation of his congregation. The play concluded with how Don Bosco still has an impact on the world that we live in today. 

The stage presentation was followed by a lively game of housie on the life of Don Bosco. In his concluding remarks Father Mario Vaz, the executive director praised the FYBMS students for their creativity, teamwork and organisational skills. 

The teaching faculty and staff appreciated the efforts of the the first year students despite not knowing each other too well.
The  journey towards enacting the life of Don Bosco, was a challenge. It was the first time that the students came together and coordinated with one another. They soon realised that they had to work as a 'team' to put up a show. The moment the focus shifted to individuals and 'I', the struggles began. 

The students also learnt that the chain can only be as strong as its weakest link. Although the class had been segregated into various groups, if any group faltered the entire show would have been affected. So each group made sure that they were well prepared, so they could work as one class. 

Putting up an event like "Who is Don Bosco?" has not only strengthened the confidence of the new students, but also exposed them to the Don Bosco culture, the high standards expected and the systematic way of  working that is followed on campus. 
For the students, the event did not end with the closing of the curtain. The accounts had to be presented and individual and group evaluation had to be completed within a given time frame.  

"The event would not have been a success had it not been for the dedication shown by all the teams and the faculty," said an FYBMS student, "It has enabled us to overcome certain short comings that we faced as individuals."  

"This event has left a deep impression in our hearts; it's something that we as First Year students will cherish for a long time."

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