Monday, September 5, 2016


by Cl Lawrance Vincent

ALIRAJPUR, SEP 5, 2016: Just as the Bollywood stars are shining models for their fans, teachers are long-lasting role models for their students in school. To honour teachers for their dedicated service, students of Don Bosco Academy, Alirajpur organised a teacher's day programme entitled "My teacher, My Hero" on September 3.
The programme began with the teachers being brought in procession to the school hall by dancing to the tunes of Bhili songs.  Then through the lighting of the lamp Father Stanny Ferriera, the Rector, Father Blaise Fernandes, the Principal, and the coordinators of the school and college sought God's blessing for the occasion.

The student council delighted the teachers and students with their creative video presentation of what it means to be a teacher. The programme was a mixture of dance, song and skit. The lively dances by the students kept the audience entertained. The meaningful songs dedicated to the teachers, was much appreciated by them.

The skits presented the importance of a teacher in a student's life. Father Ferriera addressed the gathering and highlighted the good work being done by the teachers and he focused on the dedication that they render to the institute.

The programme was prepared and conducted by the student council headed by Udit Katara, the head boy and Anjali Bhabor, the head girl. 

"What we saw on the stage was the fruit of our teachers, the efforts that they have taken to train us, has helped the students to stand on their own feet to present a good programme like this one," Father Fernandes said. 

The head boy added, "We owe a lot to our teachers and this programme is only a  representation of  our gratitude for them."

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