Monday, September 5, 2016


by Cl Lawrance Vincent


ALIRAJPUR, SEP 5, 2016: Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta has been an inspiration to all and an exemplary model of mercy for our times, for her lifelong commitment to the poor, the sick and the abandoned. The Parish of Don Bosco, Alirajpur dedicated – September 4 – the day of her canonisation to the Saint.


The Holy Eucharist was held in her honour, seeking her intercession for the betterment of the parish. Father Ashwin Mal, the Prefect of Studies, presented the works of Mother Teresa. The video 'Everyone, Everywhere', highlighted the radiant personality of Mother Teresa who was there present for everyone and everywhere, especially for the poorest of the poor.


Another video propagated her joy in seeing Jesus in the poor and her advice for all to do the same with willingness. Father Mal, in the homily, preached about the humble nature of Mother Teresa who always considered herself 'a pencil in the hands of God'. He added, "Here lies a saint who shows everyone the way to be merciful, leading us by her own example."


Father Stanny Ferriera, the parish priest and rector, was overwhelmed with the active participation of the faithful in praying to God through Mother Teresa.

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