Thursday, September 15, 2016


by Ruth Veigas


KUWAIT, SEP 15, 2016: Eighty nine Altar servers from Saint Therese of Child Jesus parish in Kuwait attended a special event to recognise their contribution and commitment to serving Christ and their parish on September 9.


Invitations for the felicitation ceremony were strictly based on a novel points system developed to reward youth for their assistance. This year 89 servers, out of 146, got an invite for the fun-filled event organised by the Salesian Cooperators.


Through the system, senior boys earn a minimum of 200 points and juniors 100 points for their contribution in serving or by participating at Holy Mass and by attending the monthly meetings. Points are also awarded for their voluntary service and their participation in church events.

Father Lionel Braganza led the youth in an opening prayer. He also kept the boys mesmerised by sharing his vocation story and his decision to serve in the Lord's vineyard. He further kept the youth animated with a series of action songs.

The parish priest, Father Blany Pinto in his address to the altar servers, congratulated them on their achievement and appreciated their service to God. The compere - Lloyd D'Souza - conducted several group games in which the boys actively participated. A number of spot prizes were awarded to the altar servers as they danced to lively music.


Finally, prizes were distributed and two special awards were presented to two Junior Servers and two Senior Servers for their exemplary service to the parish and the community. The top 20 boys received certificates and medals; the remaining boys received certificates as a token of appreciation.


"I want to thank God for choosing me to be closest to the altar. All of us who serve at the altar are blessed and feel special," Lionel Athan Miranda, a junior Altar server, said.


Another altar server Jothan Suresh Peter, echoed a similar sentiment, "I am happy for what I received. I want to thank God and all the coordinators for supporting me to achieve this award. I will serve more masses and dedicate myself more to God".


While a senior, Keegan Sanctis added, "I have served as an altar server for six years. It is a memorable experience and I will always cherish being recognised by the elders and priests for rendering our services to the parish and to the Lord Almighty."

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