Thursday, September 22, 2016


by Clarence Pires

KUWAIT, SEP 22, 2016: Don Bosco Oratory, Kuwait released its new sports gear for its Football and Hockey players for the 2016 - 17 season, at IEAS old basement on September 16. 

The football and hockey team jersey is blue and yellow. Philip, Chris and Sherwin have designed the Kit, that has been tailored and printed by Franco designers in Mumbai.  The White and Blue jerseys are for the Committee members.

At the onset, Father Franco Pereira, the President of Don Bosco Oratory (DBO), welcomed the new members and stressed the importance of punctuality and respect. He added that building personal relationships is important for nurturing team spirit among members.  

Father Pereira also told the players that they should be proud to play for DBO as it is not a small insignificant club but a brand internationally acclaimed in 137 countries. 

Don Bosco Oratory is involved not only in soccer, hockey and basketball, but also in various events organised for school children and the community in Kuwait. 

DBO contributes towards sports scholarships in schools in Kuwait and other charities as well, including the Late Father Francis Kharjia Education Scholarship to the most deserving student. Several events are organised and sponsored by DBO both in Kuwait and outside, for the Indian and international communities. 

Father Pereira invited the members to enjoy being a part of DBO; to play, encourage and support each other; to always be happy for happiness is contagious. "We need to learn from the birds," said Father Pereira, "for when they fly, they leave behind things that are trivial and do not matter and move ahead with their hearts." 

Father Pereira thanked the DBO committee for the good work done and looked forward to seeing more support and helping hands when needed. He then blessed the hockey and the soccer players and the new sports gear which was distributed to all the players present.

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