Thursday, September 22, 2016


by Cl Chris Ferreira

CHHOTAUDEPUR, SEP 22, 2016: Around 61 women from 18 villages of the Chhotaudepur and Kawant taluka met at the Lok Seva Kendra Hall, Don Bosco Chhotaudepur for a one-day orientation on Animal Husbandry and Dairy Production on September 17.

Brother Ramesh Durairaj, the Director of Lok Seva Kendra and Brother Chris conducted the programme. They invited Doctor Devang Rawal and Doctor Vijay Rathod, both veterinarians from the Baroda Dairy Sub Station at Bodeli.

The doctors shared their knowledge about the upkeep of cattle. They explained the new scheme of the Gujarat Government in this sector which allows families possessing a BPL card to start animal husbandry with grants on cattle purchase, cattle fodder and cattle medicines. They also addressed questions posed by the villagers. 

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