Tuesday, October 4, 2016


by Alex D'Mello


MUMBAI, OCT 4, 2016: The Bombay Catholic Sabha unit of St. John Bosco Church, Borivli  organised an interfaith meeting with the theme Shanti se jeena Paramatma ki aradhana at the Don Bosco complex on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti on October 2. Religious gurus from Hindu, Islam, Jainism, Buddhism, Zorashtrian, Christian and Brahma Kumaris, graced the occasion with their presence.


Each guru shared the beatitudes of their own faith. Sister Shreya from Brahma Kumaris reminded the congregation of Mother Teresa - a peaceful soul and compassionate face and asked why can't we create peace in society.  She stressed that when we are at peace, the society and the whole humanity will be at peace. "I am a peaceful soul," was the mantra for peace. 


In his address, Maulana Salauddin of the MHB mosque stressed the need for joining hands with all the religions to tackle the problems of society. He said humanity comes first and religions later. Quoting the Quran he further said that one should not disturb the peace of others. No faith teaches hatred.  


Jain Acharya, Param Yash said that we need to introspect a lot first to understand our own soul which is supreme then accept every person as a soul, then one can be at peace. Founders of all religions recognised their own souls and become "Paramatma" (divine).  


The Zorashtrian Priest, Hemavand Katila gave the message of purity, good thoughts, righteousness and integrity of speech. Quoting Mahatama Gandhi he said that Gandhiji stood for principles and righteousness.

Hindu priest, Jyotirnath Baba said no faith teaches hate. Accept what you are and discard all your pride, greed and anger, frustration and depression and then you will be at peace. 


Bante Davitou Ba, a Buddhist monk, who was happy to see all religions coming together on a single dais, said that we must understand the theory of peace. The peace one gets by visiting the holy places is temporary, anyone who desires peace must shun greed. Worldly possessions do not give peace. Peace comes from deep love for others. Love one another and we all will be at peace. 


Father Leon Rodrigues, the young priest of Saint John Bosco introduced to the audience the peace of Jesus Christ. This was offered by Jesus to his disciples at varied moments in his life. He further said that Jesus was a Prince of Peace. Peace is the gift of the Divine, create peace and be the channel of peace and the agents of mercy.

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